2015-16 School Year–Week Twenty-Seven

This week has been surprisingly easy!

In math, Turkey and Bunny have been working with polynomials and monomials. I really thought this would be a source of tension, but they both found it super easy! Teachers love weeks like that! Ladybug has been working more with fractions…she’s subtracting them, now, which is also easy. Yay!

Turkey and Bunny continued their study of Robin Hood in writing, and ultimately wrote an essay about the book. I was very impressed with both of their work. Ladybug has “graduated” from copywork, and is now working on more extended dictation, in addition to her narrations of the passages we’re reading together.

Ladybug has also finished the grammar part of her language arts class. That means we’re done diagramming sentences for the year! She still has to work on dictionary skills and oral grammar, but I think that will be a walk in the park compared to everything else she has been working on.

In history, we have been learning about Mexican independence and the end of the slave trade in both the US and Great Britain. We only have a few chapter left in that text, as well, so things are really winding down!

Ladybug finished her chapter in science about the different types of insect metamorphosis. She’s looking forward to learning about social insects, next. Turkey and Bunny both did an awesome job on their science test, and then started a new chapter about the human body. So far, they’ve learned about the structure of bones, as well as some of the specific names of the bones in the skeletal system.

Turkey and Bunny have moved onto the next section of The Trojan War. I think we’re all really enjoying this book, since it’s from a new point-of-view for us. Ladybug is almost done with Charlotte’s Web, so we’ll get to watch the movie soon. Bunny is not interested in hearing/seeing the end, however…she would rather think Charlotte lived forever!

The end of the school year is getting closer…it’s exciting to start finishing off different subjects!

Chickadee Thursday

This morning, Chickadee told me her stuffed lion was scared of the rain last night, so she had to take care of him. She is so cute, it actually hurts sometimes!

Donut Drive-In

My love of vintage road signs is well documented. Watson Road in St. Louis is an especially good location for finding some of these signs. I’m loving the idea of donuts drive-in, as advertised by this one!


Pink Trains

When I first saw that Pinup Girl Clothing was going to make a pink version of the Mary Blair trains Jenny skirt that I love, I was really excited. And then I was a little disappointed, because practical person that I am, I realized that I probably couldn’t justify spending money on a skirt that was so similar to one I already owned.

Enter the Aurora dress (complete with pockets!):

I’ve thought about buying this style of dress in a different pattern in the past, but I never felt compelled enough by any specific pattern to go through with it. This pattern (and gorgeous color!), however, was beyond compelling, and it even came out sooner than I was expecting!

Even though I hadn’t worn an Aurora dress in the past, I was familiar with the size chart, so I was a little surprised to see that it had been updated for this print, and I would have to size up. And honestly, I think I would have been fine in my usual, size but I didn’t feel like exchanging it, so I’ll either deal with the spots where’s it’s big (although the belt takes care of most of that), or have it tailored. Even with the size being off, though, I really love this dress. The color is amazing, the print is (of course) fabulous, and I love the neckline. I am a little undecided about the black belt…I think swapping it out with a white belt might make it look a bit better for spring and summer. The black does go well with my favorite heels, though!

As is always the case with Pinup Girl, this is a great addition to my wardrobe!

2015-16 School Year–Week Twenty-Six

Trigonometry, geometry, sentence diagramming, field trip to the Missouri Botanical Garden, Simón Bolívar and South America, insect metamorphosis, more on the five kingdoms of life, Royal School of Church Music in America medal exams, writing, the life of Queen Elizabeth II, reading, reading, and more reading.


What can I say? It’s the end of April, and I’m too tired to go into more detail!