Chickadee Thursday

Today was our first field trip of the new school year…we visited the Missouri Botanical Garden! Chickadee loved seeing all the late summer flowers, although she wasn’t such a huge fan of all the dragonflies flitting about!


I Think Lego is Trying to Tell Me Something

This month’s Lego “Gift with Purchase” was a London double-decker bus, which of course I had to have. I am decorating our house in London landmarks as designed by Lego, after all! I was not expecting this “Now’s the Time to Visit!” sticker to come with it, however, and I can only assume Lego is trying to tell me something…and I would be only too happy to comply, if only London wasn’t so far away!


First Day of School 2016

As you’ve probably guessed by now, today was the first day of our ninth year of homeschooling! This year, I’ll be teaching two eighth graders, one fourth grader, and a cute little pre-kindergartener!

As I traditionally do, I prepared the school room before I let the children see it. I handed out the schultüte and all of their new workbooks, placed some of the books we’ll be using this year around the room, and displayed the Lego set I purchased for this year:

I love our calendar…we’ve been using it since our very first day of school in 2008!


Of course I had to take lots of pictures of my students!


We didn’t do every subject, but we did get to work on the basics:

Turkey, Bunny, and Ladybug worked on building their new Lego Architecture set, a model of the Burj Khalifa:



Chickadee doesn’t have the fine motor skills (or patience!) for a Lego set like that, yet, but she did have fun working with the pattern blocks!


Here’s a look at this year’s arrangement of our school room:

And even though it’s not something I’ve done every year, I had Ryan take a picture of me with my students:


Today was a great start to what I hope will be a great year of school!

Schultüte 2016

The children’s favorite tradition on the first day of school is receiving their schultüte. Here is what they looked like this year:


It was a bit of a challenge to get Chickadee to refrain from opening hers before I got a picture!


When he got home from school, Moose received one, too, and he was just as excited to open it as his siblings were!

First Day of Pre-K

Chickadee has officially entered the Markel Family Homeschool as a pre-kindergartener! I don’t have a lot of goals for her this year, but she really wanted to join “The Bigs” in going to school, so we’re going to get started!


First Day of Fourth Grade

No one in our house was more excited about the first day of school than Ladybug. She couldn’t wait to get her new books (especially math!) and get started!