Sartorial Saturday–The Skirtification of a Dress

I’ve been aware for some time that people have found ways to wear some of their Pinup Girl Clothing dresses as skirts. This usually involves folding the bodice of the dress down into the skirt, which is a little complicated for me, but I discovered that my two sundresses (the Nancy and the Lydia) are fairly easy to wear just by putting a peasant top on over the top of the dress.

The Nancy is the easiest dress to do this with. The neckline is low enough, and the straps thin enough that I didn’t have to do anything other than put a belt over the place where the top ends. And the olive-green peasant top is perfect with the colors of the Mary Blair butterfly print!

The Lydia’s straps aren’t quite as accommodating, so I had to fold them down into the bodice of the dress before putting on the peasant top. I was worried that this would result in a bulkier look, but I actually think it turned out ok:

I’m glad I experimented with a new way of wearing my dresses, especially these two, which are still a little too summery to wear on their own at this time of year. Anytime I can find more ways to wear my Pinup Girl items, and especially more ways to wear them throughout the year, I consider it a win!

2016-17 School Year–Spring Break

I lied.

We were going to have our spring break during Holy Week. That’s been my plan for months. But I just couldn’t take it anymore. Between the holiday (St. Patrick’s Day), two birthdays (Turkey’s and Chickadee’s), and the lingering cold we’ve dealt with over the last week or two, I needed a break!

The week wasn’t a total loss, however. We went out three of the days, on different field trips. We visited the Missouri Botanical Garden on Monday to see the cherry blossoms, and also saw some sculptures we’ve never noticed before, did some animal observation, and noted some of the Latin names of different plants, and figured out what they meant. On Chickadee’s birthday, we went to the St. Louis Science Center and saw the Omnimax film, Extreme Weather, took in a star show, and visited a few of the other exhibits. And yesterday we took a walk through the newest exhibit at the Missouri History Museum, “#1 in Civil Rights,” which is fantastic…we’ll definitely be going back!

We also did a few math lessons this week, but I had planned that we would do that regardless of when we took our vacation. Fortunately, they were easy lessons, so they didn’t even take up too much time!

Back to work next week. I’m sure come Holy Week, I’ll be regretting my choice of vacation weeks, but for now, I really appreciated the time off!

Chickadee Thursday

We visited the Missouri History Museum today. One of Chickadee’s favorite parts of their permanent exhibits is a mid-century modern style kitchen on display on the second floor (probably because it’s my favorite thing to see!). In the past, there was a “no photography” sign at the entrance to the area that houses that exhibit, so no matter how much Chickadee begged, I was never able to take her picture. When we went today, however, they had replaced that sign with the standard “no flash photography” sign that they have everywhere else in the museum. Chickadee was very excited to finally take a picture with the kitchen in all its pink glory, and I was equally excited to get to photography the whole display!

One More Year with Dolly

Chickadee is now five years old, which means five years of monthly pictures with Dolly. I think this is the last year that I will share the monthly pictures (although Dolly may make a guest appearance every now and then)…but what a busy year it’s been!


As hard as it is for me to believe (do I start every birthday post that way?), Chickadee turned five today. These five years have gone by faster than any others in my life!

We spent the day at the St. Louis Science Center, or, as Chickadee calls it, the “Monster Museum.” We saw all her favorite exhibits, went to the star show, and saw our very first Omnimax film…Extreme Weather. And Chickadee and I even wore our matching Pinup Girl Clothing outfits, which feature her favorite animal: the elephant, in a fun Mary Blair print!

When we got home, it was present time. She received two Frozen Lego sets, which she loves, but the biggest hit was the Batcave, complete with a Batmobile, and some characters to play with!

She asked for a cake with a flower on it, which was super easy for me to decorate. The cake got pinker and pinker as the week went on. It started with pink frosting, then she wanted a strawberry cake, and then pink candles, and we even got strawberry ice cream to go with it. I’m pretty sure it’s the pinkest cake I’ve ever made!

Happy Birthday Chickadee!

Sixty Months

Dolly spent the day at the St. Louis Science Center with us, to celebrate Chickadee’s birthday:

I think this is the last intentional monthly Dolly photo I’ll take with Chickadee…but you never know when she might make a cameo appearance!