Chickadee Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving from Chickadee!


If you think you’ve seen this shirt before, you’re right. Two years ago, even though it was huge on her, I had Chickadee wear it for Thanksgiving. All of her older siblings had worn it, and I was worried that she might have a huge growth spurt, and not fit into it for her second Thanksgiving. It turns out she didn’t outgrow it, so she wore it again last year, and it fit perfectly. I really wanted to see it one more time, though, so even though it’s now kind of small (although not as small as I had feared, since Chickadee is the most petite of our children), I put her it on her one more time, and it’s still adorable!

As always, Chickadee is one of the many things that I am thankful for!

The Thanksgiving Feast–2014

We had our standard Thanksgiving feast today: turkey and gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries, green beans with almonds, and rolls. I did add brussels sprouts for the first time, since they’ve become the children’s favorite vegetable, but that was the only new addition.


We had a record seven pies for dessert after our annual family viewing of Holiday Inn. Frankly, I can’t believe anybody had room for dessert, but we managed to put a dent in them. There’s still plenty left, though, for more desserts the next few days, and our traditional pie for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving!


I think I’ve gotten pretty good at setting a festive table. I especially love the addition of the Lego turkey…it’s so us, and so fun!

I hope your Thanksgiving was as happy and full of love and laughter as ours was!

Pie Day!

As is our tradition, I made seven pies today…one for each member of the family:


Here’s the pie lineup:

  • Ryan–Peanut butter cup
  • Me–Wassail (cranberry apple)
  • Turkey–Pecan
  • Bunny–Butterscotch
  • Moose–S’mores
  • Ladybug–Caramel apple
  • Chickadee–Pumpkin

Technically, Chickadee still can’t choose her pie flavor, since she doesn’t really have a favorite yet, so she was assigned pumpkin. Maybe next year she’ll pick her own!

Turner Hall

Belleville’s old Turner Hall, the largest of its kind in the U.S., was built in the early 1920s for the Belleville Turners.



The building was also used by Belleville Parks and Recreation and later the YMCA. It’s currently being renovated by Kurt Artinger for his company.

The Creole Colonial Corridor

As a gift to St. Louis for her 250th birthday, the group “Les Amis,” a French heritage preservationist organization, has placed French street signs along the “Creole Colonial Corridor” downtown near the riverfront. I tried to find as many of these sings as possible, although I’m still not entirely sure how many there are in total (it appears one street may have two different French names, but I’m not sure, and never found the second one). Seven unique street names is pretty good, though, so I’m happy even if I didn’t find the last one.

I also located a few signs detailing the history of the streets. I don’t know where the rest of those signs are, but it was interesting to get another glimpse into the history of St. Louis this anniversary year!