2014-15 School Year–Weeks Twenty-Six and Twenty-Seven

It’s been a while since my last weekly wrap-up! We took the two weeks around Easter to do only one week of schoolwork so we could have some family time while Moose was on spring vacation, and I still didn’t get around to covering that week’s worth of lessons, so this will be a wrap-up covering three actual weeks, but only ten days of schoolwork.

Math has continued to roll right along for all three children. Turkey and Bunny, in addition to their geometry work, have also been working with probability and statistics…very timely for the start of the baseball season! Ladybug has continued to work on fractions and weights and measurements. I think she’s conquered the times tables, as well!

Our history lessons have focused on the counter-reformation and the reign of Elizabeth I of England. We really enjoyed reading about “Good Queen Bess,” and Bunny, in particular, found her to be very interesting. We only have a few chapters left in our history book…things are definitely starting to wrap up for the school year, even though we’ve got a good five to six weeks left!

We’ve also made a lot of progress in our study of Anne of Green Gables. I’ve decided that Anne Shirley and I are kindred spirits, and Bunny feels the same. I’m very impressed with the vocabulary the children are learning through the study, even if some of them complain about having to do it. We also finished our read-through of the Grandma’s Attic series, including one book that even I had never read (or even heard of!), before now. I’m always sad to be done reading those books…I wish there were more of Mabel and Sarah Jane’s adventures to enjoy!

We may be done with our botany text, but we have continued our weekly visits to the Missouri Botanical Garden, and gone on many other nature walks, to take in all of the spring plant activity. I’ve been impressed with how much the children remember, even from the beginning of the year, as we observe nature in action!

Next week is all about Shakespeare…maybe we can even watch one of his plays on PBS’s Great Performances!

Back at Busch

Today was our first trip of the season to Busch Stadium! I don’t think anyone was more excited than Chickadee:


Then again, everyone was pretty excited to be back in Baseball Heaven!



Our seats were in the right field loge. Not too bad, except for the foul pole:


Chickadee was so excited that fell asleep before the game could even start. (Don’t worry…she woke up in time for the National Anthem!)


Somebunny spotted a Cardinals bunny at the Build-a-Fredbird store…since she had some allowance money saved, we stopped in. Her siblings even bought her new stuffed friend a Cardinals shirt…I love seeing their generosity in action!


The children really loved being back in one of their favorite St. Louis locations!

Of course we had to see Fredbird…it took a couple attempts to get everybody to look at the camera, and never all of them at the same time. Thus is life with five children!



This was one of the most fun Cardinals games I’ve ever been to…and that’s saying a lot. It was pretty humid, but not too hot, and the sun stayed behind the clouds for most of the game. Yadier Molina and Jason Heyward received their Gold Glove awards before the game. The St. Louis Blues playoff game started during the Cardinals game, and there was a great energy of support for both teams…they kept showing Blues recaps on the scoreboard, and the organist even got involved…Let’s go Blues! Both teams won, so it was a spectacular day to be at Busch Stadium, and an even better one to be in St. Louis!

Tasty Tuesday–Beast Craft BBQ: Big Country

Beast had me at asparagus fries…


The Big Country is another amazing creation from Beast…it’s currently tied with the Beefcake for my favorite beef-based sammich. Brisket and burnt ends, smoked bacon, plus brisket gravy (yeah, they do that!), and asparagus fries, which, as far as I could tell, was really just pan-fried asparagus, similar to how I cook it, and was delicious!

I think I’ve made it clear by now that I absolutely love Beast’s burnt ends, and the brisket is also amazing. The brisket gravy was new to me, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Let me just say, it’s delicious. I have to admit that I let the sammich get a bit cold while I was taking pictures of it and doing a few other things, and I think the gravy would have been even better if I had gotten to it before it cooled off, but even at room temperature, it was great. And the asparagus was a great contribution…a nice little taste of spring, plus, you know, it makes the sammich healthy!

As always, I will be anxiously awaiting Beast’s next creation…I don’t how they keep coming up with interesting and unexpected combos that work so well, but they really do!