Belleville200–The Wrap-Up

Now that I’ve shared all the fun things we did to celebrate the Belleville200 weekend, here’s a wrap-up!





What a great weekend…I’m so glad we live here and got to celebrate with the city!

Belleville200–The Weekend

I’ve covered some of the specific, special events of the Belleville200 celebration, but there was a lot more going on all weekend long!

We saw a lot of demonstrations:

The Beach Boys may have been the headline band, but we also heard the Belleville Philharmonic, the Waterloo German Band, and the Belleville German Band. So, over the weekend, we heard classic rock, classical, and German music…very diverse, and we loved it all! We especially loved “Roll out the Barrel,” “In Heaven there is No Beer,” and “Edelweiss.” We all danced in the streets, too (and we weren’t the only ones)!

The children’s area was fantastic…rides, games, and a petting zoo, plus yet another stage for performances:

There was so much more to see and do!

But mostly, we saw all kinds of people!

I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate Belleville’s 200th birthday, and the city’s German heritage. It was the perfect party!

Belleville200–200 Foot Long Brat!

One of the highlights of Belleville200 was the city’s attempt to grill a 200 foot long brat…a world record attempt. Just for perspective, the brat pretty much stretched from Main St. to A St…that a lot of bratwurst! 120 pounds of meat was donated by Schubert’s Packing Co., of Millstadt, and they were on hand to guide the effort. Also on hand were the mayors of Belleville and our sister city of Paderborn, Germany, and Belleville resident and St. Louis TV personality John Pertzborn. Several trial runs had been done on smaller sausages, and they ensured that today’s event went smoothly. It’s not easy to make sure 200 feet of sausage gets turned and cooked evenly, and keeping the meat and the grill well hydrated seemed to be very important. Everyone did their jobs, however, and the sausage looked and smelled great! Over $1,500 dollars was raised for area food banks during this event, which made it not only fun, but a great community service as well.

What a fun, quirky way to celebrate Belleville’s birthday!

2014-15 School Year–Week Four

Not really feeling like a big wrap-up this week, so just a brief summary. Turkey and Bunny have been working on longer long-division in math, and Ladybug is working on adding four numbers together. While Turkey and Bunny were working on their writing assignments this week, I discovered that I had never been taught to use a “real” thesaurus, so I’m learning along with them. I also had to buy a real thesaurus, because they couldn’t actually do their lessons with the one we had!

In history we learned about the medieval Indian Empire, as well as the beginning of Islam. We finally finished up pollination in science, and are looking forward to learning about fruit next. We also had an extra-special civics lesson when we went to see a Naturalization Ceremony. We’re all continuing to enjoy The Hobbit…I can’t believe I never read it before!

This weekend has been insanely busy, and next week is looking like more of the same, so I’m really wishing it was vacation time. We’ll keep carrying on, though…I don’t want to waste our fall vacation before October!

Belleville200–Vintage Base Ball

Another Belleville200 event that we’ve been really looking forward to is the 2014 Gustave Koerner Belleville Vintage Base Ball Festival. There are nine games scheduled over two days, and we went to see our hometown Stags play the St. Louis Brown Stockings this afternoon. It was just as much fun as the last time we went, and, like last time, the Stags were victorious! Huzzah!