Lego Detective’s Office–Night Three

Tonight we built the third part (which is the second floor) of the Lego Detective’s Office.


As has been the case with all the builds in this set, we added another two minifigs to the scene–the detective (finally!), and his assistant:


This floor has some of the best details I’ve seen in a modular building yet. Another printed window, a Lego bathroom, and an office full of details, including a filing cabinet, a safe, and a hidden panel behind a picture!

The windows in the back are really nice:


And the front looks great!


I can’t wait to finish it off, and see how it looks with our other buildings!

Stripes and Circle Skirts

I recently realized that I have worn my one and only striped shirt with four of the five circle-ish skirts (since they have gathers, I’m not sure that I can really call them circle skirts) I own…I guess there’s something about that combination that’s irresistible!

Lego Detective’s Office–Night Two

Tonight we worked on the second part of the Lego Detective’s Office…Al’s Barber Shop. I will admit that this has raised some questions. The Lego Parisian restaurant is called Chez Albert, so who is this “Al” that seems to own the majority of our Lego street? Is Al the barber, or does the barber just work for Al? Will we ever know?


Another two minifigs were added…the previously mentioned barber, and your friendly neighborhood policewoman:


There were some great details in this build, including our first-ever Lego mirror piece (not just a sticker, either)!

I love the sign and the barber pole:


I also love the breezeway between the two parts of the building. This is a feature unique to this set.


Please note the foliage not-so-subtly covering up another part of the Lego cookie caper!


Floor one is complete, and it looks great…we’re looking forward to moving on to the second floor, and the actual detective’s office next!


Lego Detective’s Office–Night One

Ryan’s sabbatical is winding down, so we figured we better get started on our last Lego modular set that’s just been sitting around…the Detective’s Office!


Only two minifigs in tonight’s build…I originally thought it was a thug and a barber with especially wild hair, but as we worked on the set, it became obvious that it’s a pool player and a darts player (although I still think the man on the left might be a thug).


This is an interesting set to build, because it’s split into four sections, but the way the book is numbered, it’s really only two builds. But we always like to draw out a project like this, so we’ll be building it over four nights, even if that does mean we’ll be working on relatively small sections each time.

The first night’s build is the first floor of the left side of the building, which is a pub (The Highlander). There are great details, including a pool table, a dart board, and a ceiling fan.


You can see the secret passage for the cookie smuggling operation that appears to be plaguing this building:


The front is perfect…they really captured the look of a neighborhood pub!


Next up will be the rest of the first floor, which is Al’s Barber Shop. We won’t get to the actual detective’s office until night three!

2015-16 School Year–Week One

This week, we began our eighth year of homeschooling. The school room looks pretty much the same as it did last year:



We had a fun project on our first day of school…building the Lego Ideas Birds set:


We eased into our subjects as the week progressed. We did religion, math, and language arts (except vocabulary, which I’m waiting to start until next week), every day, and slowly added in science, our literature studies, and our fun Friday subject for the year. I’m saving history, as we’re going to be doing something special for the next few weeks, before we start volume three of the Story of the World.


Here’s hoping we have another great year!