2016-17 School Year–Week Six

This week was extra busy!

We continued our study of Christian denominations in One Christ, Many Creeds. We learned about the Anglican/Episcopal church, which was included with Presbyterian churches in the study, although I consider it to be more of a historic church body like the LC-MS. We then moved on to Methodist churches. Next week, we’ll be studying Anabaptist denominations. We also celebrated Michaelmas this week, but in a much more low-key fashion than usual. After reading about St. Michael and All Angels in Celebrating the Saints, we made our traditional angel craft, and that was pretty much it this year. You just can’t do it all every time, I guess!


In math, Turkey and Bunny have moved back to review…they’ve been going over both scientific notation and the coordinate plane. Ladybug has learning how to solve problems in multiple steps.

Our history lessons this week focused on the American Civil War. We could have spent so much more time on this topic, but there are only so many days in a school year, so one week was it. We also watched a documentary on the White House, which discussed some of the issues around the time of the Civil War (as well as at other times in American history), so it was quite timely.

Ladybug finally finished learning about whales in science. Up next is seals and manatees! Turkey and Ladybug have been learning about the homosphere and heterosphere. They even got to do a science experiment, which to my great relief actually worked!

We finally got around to the field trip that kept being put off. We spent a morning at the Missouri Botanical Garden. No matter how many times we go there, we always see and learn something new at each visit! We picked a beautiful day to go…it was so nice to get outside when it wasn’t hot!


We also went pumpkin picking this week. Technically, this wasn’t a school activity…we went in the afternoon after Moose was done at his school. But it’s a yearly tradition, and I thought I’d share a picture:


I think we’re going to have a few more weeks of school before we take a fall break…I’m looking forward to taking some time to just enjoy the fall weather!

Pumpkin Picking 2016

Today after Moose was done with school, we headed out to the most sincere pumpkin patch in Belleville to search for our “Great Pumpkin.” This is a little earlier than we usually go, but the weather today was perfect (and Eckert’s was offering 50% off on pick-your-own pumpkins), so I figured there was no time like the present!


It’s always fun to see the children rush off in search of the perfect pumpkin. Especially Chickadee, who still can’t lift most of them off the ground! It’s also fun seeing how seriously Turkey takes the search…he puts more thought into what the pumpkin should look like than any of his siblings!


After much searching, finding, replacing, and arguing, everyone had their idea of the perfect pumpkin. In the end, we only took one home (I decided a few years ago that buying 80-plus pounds of pumpkins every year was a bit much), but we certainly had a good selection from which to choose! Our prized pumpkin weighed in at just over 15 pounds (if you’re wondering which one we brought home, it’s the one in the picture with Ladybug).



We spent some time admiring all the fall decorations in the store while we were there:

This was the nicest day for pumpkin picking I can remember, and we had a great time at Eckert’s!


Early Fall at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Early fall is such a beautiful time at the Missouri Botanical Garden…especially when the weather is as gorgeous as it was yesterday! Most of the leaves haven’t begun to turn, and yet, you can find fall color here and there, in addition to summer’s green.




I’m really looking forward to seeing all of the changes that are coming in the next few weeks…fall is definitely my favorite season!

Tower Grove House-September

Even though we ended up visiting the Missouri Botanical Garden later in the month than I had planned, I can’t say that Tower Grove House looks too different from when we last saw it in August. No leaves changing color yet, and even the planter out in front looks the same. They are starting to hang decorations for the Garden Glow nearby, though, so you can tell a change is coming!


The Subject of Brooches

I’m not exactly new to wearing brooches. I remember in the fall of 2004, when Bunny was just a few months old, they were quite popular in mainstream fashion. I had a few (very cheap) brooches then, and I loved wearing them on jackets and in multiples.

My brooch taste has gotten a bit more specialized since then, however. I do have two nice brooches made with Swarovski crystals…one that is a replica of a brooch worn by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and another that was a Christmas gift from Ryan several years ago:

I have quite a few vintage inspired brooches, from several different companies, as well.

Luxulite makes really cool 1940s style brooches that look like the bakelite models that were popular then:

Tangerine Menagerie specializes in handmade plexiglass brooches in a variety of styles:


The Oblong Box Shop is selling a few mirror acrylic styles to coordinate with their skirts, made for them by Sparkle Monster:

Deer Arrow has a wide range of brooches in mid-century designs (including a cool Pyrex-inspired one), but my favorite is one they made to coordinate with a Pinup Girl dress I own:


My favorite brooch company of all is Erstwilder. They have a wide variety of designs…animals, flowers, beauty, and novelty pieces. Their brooches are also available in pretty much every color imaginable, so they coordinate with everything!

Many of these brands, as well as some others that I haven’t tried yet, are available through Pinup Girl Clothing. I’m always on the lookout for cool new brooch designs. They’re one of my favorite ways to accessorize an outfit!

Trains on Trains

It’s not news that I’m a big fan of Pinup Girl Clothing’s Magic of Mary Blair Collection, particularly the train prints. The yellow trains Jenny skirt was my first Mary Blair item, and I added the pink trains Aurora dress to my wardrobe earlier this year.

What I hadn’t mentioned yet was the coordinating train brooch from Deer Arrow, an Australian jewelry company:


I love that they made a brooch specifically to match this Mary Blair print. I’ve worn it directly on the dress, and it looks great, although it blends in a bit, but I love how it pops on this white bolero.

Pinup Girl stocks this pink brooch, but if you’re looking for one to match the other Mary Blair train print, you can also order a red version directly from Deer Arrow. I will confess that it’s a bit challenging to pin on just so, because each train car has its own pin back, and trying to get all three just where you want them can be a pain. The final result is worth it, however, and it’s a cheerful addition to an already cheery outfit!