2016-17 School Year–Week Ten

I’m pretty sure the first week of November is always a little crazy, but I’m not really sure why!

We made it back to Lutheranism 101 this week, after our study of denominations in One Christ, Many Creeds. We also reviewed the events of the Reformation on Monday, which included watching The Reformation Polka.

Math was pretty easy this week. Turkey and Bunny have been working with solving inequalities, as well as graphing them. Ladybug has continued to work on finding the factors of numbers, and is also working on multiplying three digit numbers.

Ladybug finished the chapter on aquatic herps in science. She really enjoyed learning about aquatic toads and frogs! Turkey and Bunny also finished the chapter they were working on in science, about water. They still have to take the test before they move onto the next module.

In history we have been learning about South America, Africa, and Australia in the late 1800s. I’m really enjoying learning about some of these events with the children. While I did learn a lot about history in junior high and high school, I didn’t learn as much about what was going on in some of the world’s more far-flung locations as we are learning about now.

We finally made it to Creve Coeur Park for a fall field trip. The weather wasn’t as nice as I was hoping, but we did get to see some good fall color and some interesting animals, and we enjoyed the 3.7 mile walk around the lake.


We’re going to do things a little different next week, to try to spend as much time as we can with Moose, who only has two days of school (and a birthday!). We have plans for two different field trips…I can’t wait!

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