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Oh, can’t you see mother? To them home is a place you go to to have fun…not a place you have to leave to have it. Denise Alexander as Connie Coleman on The Danny Thomas Show

What We’re Reading–Reformation 500

I’ve mentioned books we’ve read during October to learn about the Reformation, as well as books we’ve read to learn about our Lutheran heritage from time to time, but I’ve never put a list together in one place. In honor of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation this month, here’s our list…books about Martin and Katie Luther, (and some of their contemporaries) and the Reformation itself, as well as books about and/or by other notable Lutherans, and books about Lutheran theology, for pretty much all ages:

The Basics:

Children’s Books:

Advanced Readers/Adult Titles:

School Resources:

No “What We’re Reading” list would be complete without a few non-book items, such as CDs and DVDs!

Sartorial Saturday–“Haunt Couture” with Stephanie Buscema

I know that pretty much everyone other than me is excited that Halloween is approaching, so today I’m featuring my one concession to that holiday: a pair of spooky Pinup Girl Clothing prints featuring the art of Stephanie Buscema.

I bought the Allison dress in the Witch Transformation print last year. In retrospect, I wish I had gotten my favorite Jenny skirt in this print instead, but I waited too long, and it sold out before I made up my mind. I would have really enjoyed pairing this print with purple tops, though!

I learned my lesson, so this year I jumped at the chance to get the Skeleton Band Bella skirt when it first came out, and I’m not disappointed. I have tons of tops that go with it, and if you know me, you know I love to have options! In some ways, these prints are out of character for me, but then again, they’re super fun and quirky, so maybe they’re not that out of character after all!

2017-18 School Year–Week Eight

It’s been a rough week for all of us, right? There’s a certain point where you just can’t ignore current events, no matter how hard you try, or how much you’d like to. Talking to your children about awful tragic events is always hard. Teaching it, trying to make sense of it, is next to impossible. But as parents and teachers, that’s what we do. And I had good opportunities to do so, talking about the events in Las Vegas as they related to world and Bible history. We especially talked about the power of words, how they can start wars, cause chaos, or be calming and helpful.

In spite of what seems like almost constant chaos in the world, we had a fairly normal week of school. Turkey and Bunny learned about transversals in math, while Ladybug practiced factoring numbers. Chickadee is still working on counting by tens.

Ladybug started her literature study of Heidi this week. I’m not going to lie…when I was a child, I hated that book. I don’t think I ever actually read the whole thing. But I know it’s a classic, so we’re giving it a go. So far, it’s been less painful than I remembered! Turkey and Bunny are working on the third fit of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and I think we’re all enjoying the story. I also started reading Ramona and Her Father out loud to Chickadee. I wasn’t planning on reading through the whole series this year, but she likes them so much, I don’t think I really have a choice!

Turkey and Bunny finished up their study of Kingdom Protista in science, and we’re looking forward to beginning the chapter on Kingdom Fungi. We’re hoping to find some good samples to look at under our microscope! Ladybug is done with the  cats chapter of her science book, and is moving on to marsupials. I’ve also been reading The Berenstain Bears’ Big Book of Science and Nature out loud to Chickadee…her siblings are very excited for her, because they all have fond memories of the times I read it them!

We enjoyed the cooler weather by working on some of our lessons outside. Division facts and letter sounds are so much more fun when you’re writing with chalk on the driveway! And Turkey turned the transversal I drew into a “math dragon,” which I thought was pretty creative.

We’re looking forward to attending a “Homeschool Day” at the Missouri History Museum next week, and since Moose has the day off, he gets to come with us!

Chickadee Thursday

Chickadee got to playing a jumping game to practice some of the letter sounds she’s learned so far. She’s a bit blurry, but that’s just because she’s such a great jumper!

A Different Kind of Fashion Show

I have shared lots of my own fashions here, especially since I started doing Sartorial Saturday posts. But today, I have a different kind of fashion show for you, one featuring an outfit from one of my favorite video games, Style Savvy: Fashion Forward.

I really love this for two reason. First, because the outfit from the game is something I would actually wear in real life. A purple polka dress with a full skirt, a funky hat, cool glasses, a sparkly necklace, great shoes, and a fun and functional handbag (not to mention awesome hair and makeup!) are all so me! But I also love it because I took time to visit different locations in the game (notice all the cool backdrops), and strike different poses, just to get a fashion show feel. I love that a video game reflects my personal style so well that I actually put effort into creating a fashion show from it!

Tasty Tuesday–Beast Craft BBQ: Beer-Braised Pork Tacos

I think it’s obvious that I’m a fan of Beast Craft BBQ’s beer-braised pork…the carnitas are one of the best things I’ve eaten! They also put that delicious pork on tacos, and I had the chance to try them for the first time on Sunday (I have tried the pulled rib tacos in the past).

Not that I’m surprised, but these are SO GOOD. The flavor is reminiscent of the carnitas, and yet it’s its own thing. Three of the fabulous Beast tortillas (I seriously love these tortillas, whether they’re served plain or fried!), are filled with pork, cotija cheese, and a red cabbage slaw, and topped with both BBQ and fry sauce. They also added a few slices of lime on the side, and a little squeeze of juice adds a lot of flavor! The tacos are just the right amount of spicy, with the right amount of crunch, and the pork is just as good in tacos as it is as carnitas. I wonder if they can find anything else to do with it? If they do, you can be certain I’ll try it!