Chickadee Thursday

Today is Nutcracker Day! We used to stretch our ballet viewing out across a whole week in December, but for the last few years, we’ve taken a day to watch as many versions (we’re up to six, I think), as we can, back-to-back, usually while I bake cookies for the church Cookie Walk. Chickadee was very excited to not only watch, but read along with one of our Nutcracker picture books!

2017 Wreath Auction

It’s time for the Holiday Wreath Auction at the Missouri Botanical Garden again! I always look forward to seeing the wreaths on display, because they’re all so unique and creative. You’d think at some point, there would be no original ideas left, and yet every year, the wreaths are completely new!

It can be hard to choose a favorite, because they’re all so beautiful, but this year, it was easy…the wreath inspired by Degas’ Little Dancer:

Even if you can’t put in a bid on one of these creations (we never have), it’s worth a walk through the Visitors’ Center just to admire all the different ways the wreaths are constructed!

A Victorian Christmas at Tower Grove House

I love how seeing Tower Grove House at the Missouri Botanical Garden is decorated for Christmas every year. Some things are always the same, and yet there are elements of the design I somehow never noticed before…until I look back at my old pictures, and realize that I have previously photographed the very thing I thought was new! And there are always some things that are¬†different. No matter how I look at it, though, even though it’s always vaguely familiar, it’s also always new and exciting to me!

The Drum Bridge–December

And just like that, another year of taking pictures at the Missouri Botanical Garden comes to an end. I’ve really enjoyed watching the scenery around the Drum Bridge in the Japanese Garden change throughout the year, and I’m excited about next year’s photo project…stay tuned!

Garden Glow 2017

We didn’t make it to the Member Preview Night of the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Garden Glow this year, but we did finally get our chance to visit it this week. It’s such a beautiful event, and I love how they make little changes from year to year, so there’s always a surprise of some kind. One of the most noticeable differences was the color scheme of the Climatron…this year, it’s lit up in blue and white (instead of the green and white of the previous two years), and it looks gorgeous!

2017-18 School Year–Week Fourteen+

We didn’t have too much school last week, because of Thanksgiving, so I’m going to combine our little bit of school then with this week’s wrap-up!

We had science Gilmore Girls style. Do you remember how in (what is my favorite Thanksgiving episode,) “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving,” the last science class Rory had before the break focused on the cell, specifically Golgi bodies and endoplasmic reticulum? Well, I didn’t even plan it that way, but that was our exact lesson on our last day of school last week! We continued our study of the cell this week, and we’re not done yet…there’s a lot of information to cover! Ladybug has been learning about rodents and rodent-like animals in science, and Bunny was very excited to listen in yesterday, because the lesson focused on lagomorphs (rabbits, pikas, and hares).

In math, Ladybug has been working on time zones, in addition to continued practice of long division. Turkey and Bunny are learning how to find the area of ellipses. Chickadee has gotten really good at counting by tens, and is working on some simple addition.

Everyone’s history has once again focused around the area of Ancient Greece. Ladybug read about the island of Crete, as well as the story of the Minotaur. Turkey and Bunny learned about the first Olympics, which reminds me, we’re really looking forward to studying South Korea in a few months during the Winter Olympics!

We finished up our annual Thanksgiving studies, and also completed our Thankful Tree. I love seeing what is the same from year-to-year, and what is different! Mostly, though, I’m so happy we have so much for which to be thankful!

Yesterday, we took a walk through downtown Belleville. I guess it wasn’t a true field trip, but it was nice to get out of the house, enjoy the unseasonably warm weather, and look at the gingerbread creations in the store windows along Main Street, and visit the Christkindlmarkt!

Just a few more weeks of school before Christmas break and the end of 2017…this year has certainly flown by!