Chickadee Thursday

Right now, one of Chickadee’s favorite things to do is pretend to be me.

What does that look like, you ask?

Yes, she has a toy laptop, and she is pretending to blog. She also likes to pretend to take pictures of everything. So, basically, she has me figured out!

Chickadee Thursday

Today is a beautiful spring day (finally!) so we spent the morning at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Chickadee was so happy to get out and see the flowers!

Chickadee Thursday

Chickadee is still learning how to read, but even without knowing all the words, she’s gotten really good at following along in the bulletin at church, like she did tonight for the Maundy Thursday service (don’t worry…I took the picture well before church started, while her older siblings were warming up with their choir!):

And a bonus picture from our visit to Rural King earlier this week…Chickadee got to hold a bunny!

Chickadee Thursday–Now We Are Six!

For the first time, Chickadee’s birthday is on the same day of the week on which she was born! It was a very fun day!!! We started bright and early, before Moose left for school, with the opening of presents.

Since it’s a Thursday and her birthday, she really wanted a picture with Dolly:

We did a lot of her favorite things today. We watched Mister Rogers Neighborhood and Sailor Moon (six episodes because she is six). She built her new Lego set (with a little help) and played with her new toys. There were even a few games of Candy-land. For dinner, she picked Mac ‘n’ Cheese. I’ve made birthday cupcakes for the last few years, but this year, Chickadee decided she wanted an elephant cake, just like she had for her first birthday:

It was a fun, busy, and exciting day. I still can’t quite believe that she’s six years old already, but I’m very proud of the sweet little girl she is!

Chickadee Thursday

Today’s picture was taken on Tuesday, but that’s very intentional, because early on Tuesday morning, Chickadee lost her first baby tooth! It came as something of a surprise to all of us, because none of us, not even Chickadee, realized it was wiggly until Monday. I certainly didn’t think it would be ready to come out only a day later! But Chickadee was very brave, and also very relieved, because there was no blood!

To be honest, she has kind of looked like she lost a tooth already, because she has a gap between her top two front teeth, but now she has a real gap on the bottom, too!