Vintage-Style Signs at Cabana Bay

Since I shared pictures of the neon display at Laumeier Sculpture Park yesterday, I thought today I’d take a look back at our vacation this summer, and share my favorite vintage-inspired signs from Cabana Bay Beach Resort. They might not be original to the era, but they definitely catch the spirit of mid-century signs!

Neon Signs at Laumeier

Did you know that Laumeier Sculpture Park doesn’t showcase only sculptures? I actually didn’t realize that before our recent visit to see a non-sculpture exhibition on display in the¬†Aronson Fine Arts Center: “David Hutson, Memory & Desire: A Personal Exploration of Neon Art, Past and Present.” As the name suggests, this exhibition focuses on the work of David Hutson, and includes restorations of local neon signs, as well as original neon work by Mr. Hutson. While the original work is fantastic, my interest was in the vintage neon signs, and I was definitely not disappointed!

This exhibit will be on display at Laumeier through January 13, and I highly recommend it…it’s a fantastic glimpse into the past!

Greenway Motel

In my continuing search for great vintage road signs, I came across the Greenway Motel in the Granite City/Mitchell, IL area. I’m sure it looked even better when it still had neon, but it has that great retro shape and aesthetic that I love. Old Route 66 may not be a major thoroughfare anymore, but you can still find some great throwbacks to when it was!

The Olympic Spectacular in St. Louis

Earlier this year, it was announced that St. Louis was going to receive an “Olympic Spectacular.” What is an Olympic Spectacular? you might ask. Aren’t all Olympics spectacular? And what does St. Louis have to do with the Olympics? An Olympic Spectacular is a large-scale sculpture of the Olympic Rings granted only to cities who have hosted the Olympic Games. It’s been 114 years, but St. Louis was the host of the 1904 Summer Games (the III Olympiad!), and the city was finally granted the right to display a Spectacular of its own!

Last month, the sculpture, which sits on a podium-like base, was unveiled on the campus of Washington University, adjacent to Francis Field, which was the site of many of the events at the 1904 Olympics. We stopped by to see it after church yesterday, and as someone who has loved the Olympics since I was a small child, it was a thrill to see it!

Eventually, a second Spectacular will be installed at another St. Louis Olympic site, possibly in Forest Park or near Creve Coeur Lake, which hosted the 1904 rowing competition. For now, though, St. Louis has finally been recognized as an Olympic city!

Ted Drewes

Would you believe that with all the vintage road signs I’ve photographed, I’ve never intentionally gotten a picture of the iconic Ted Drewes sign? I have photographed it once before (it’s actually the first use of the “vintage road signs” tag on this website!), but it wasn’t a great picture, and I wasn’t even getting the shot for the purpose of capturing the sign…instead, I was capturing a moment of celebration after a Cardinals game. Anyway, I figured I should correct that oversight, with a picture of the Ted Drewes sign in all its glory!

Luna Cafe

My continuing quest to find and photograph cool old vintage signs took us to the Granite City/Mitchell, IL area last weekend, where we drove down part of old Route 66, and came across this sign for a still-operational business…Luna Cafe.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp–Splatoon 2 Crossover Event

It’s time for another look at an Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp special event!

The Splatoon 2 crossover event, which just wrapped up last week, was very popular here, because Splatoon is one of Ladybug’s favorite games. It was also an interesting event, because it consisted of several parts.

First, there was a fishing tourney. Chip was kind enough to model one of the prizes, a Splatoon hat, during the event:

There were only three special fish to catch…pink squids, green squids, and purple octopuses:

In addition to the fishing tourney, there were three special gifts…an Inkling-girl wig, a splat tee, and a splat hoodie (modeled here by Roald, my favorite villager…doesn’t he look cute?).

There was also a “Blitz Clam” scavenger hunt, which provided opportunities for making more Splatoon 2-themed clothing, and a Splatoon 2 fortune cookie was also available from the Nooklings. I only “purchased” one of those (I’m saving my leaf tickets for a future event), but I got something good…the graffiti wall. I put my fishing tourney prizes on display with it (and items from Roald’s beach-themed fortune cookie and prizes from previous fishing tourneys) at my campsite for a fun look:

The next Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp event has already begun, but you’ll have to wait for the details on my latest campsite redecoration!

Sunken Cities

This has been a great year for St. Louis museums and traveling exhibits. In addition to Destination Moon at the St. Louis Science Center, the St. Louis Art Museum also hosted a very special exhibit…Sunken Cities,¬†which focused on the discoveries of two Egyptian cities by Franck Goddio in 2000 that had been hidden in the Mediterranean for over 1,000 years. Both of these wonderful collections have recently moved on to their next stops, but in case you missed Sunken Cities, here’s a look at what was included.

The Sculpture Hall was the temporary home of three enormous statues:

The main exhibition space housed all sorts of artifacts, some from the sunken cities, and some from other historic sites.

This was an excellent exhibit. It was quite humbling to be in the presence of such ancient history, and was also a nice to companion to last year’s Science Center exhibit about King Tut’s tomb. I can’t wait to see what kind of special exhibitions the St. Louis Art Museum will host in the future!

A Story of Spaetzle

Last week, I shared our family’s favorite spaetzle recipe. But as is the case with so many recipes, it’s not just about the food…it’s also about the story.

I first attempted making homemade spaetzle about a decade ago (give or take). I didn’t have a spaetzle maker at the time, so I just pushed the batter through the holes in a colander. It was kind of a lot of work, but I was so excited to make one of my favorite German foods, and share it with my family.

But 10 years ago, my oldest child was five. And everyone knows that five-year-olds (and their younger siblings) aren’t exactly the most adventurous eaters. So Ryan and I enjoyed the spaetzle, but nobody else even tried it. And I decided it just wasn’t worth the effort to make it again.

Until last year. I was planning a German meal for the Fourth of July, and I decided to give it another go. I even ordered a spaetzle maker, which made the job a lot easier, and this time, everybody tried it. It seemed like the children liked it ok, but I didn’t think they were thrilled with it, so I still didn’t make it too often. But a few weeks ago, I had some extra sauerkraut, so I figured I would make some spaetzle to go with it. And suddenly, children were appearing, and begging for a bowl. Apparently, they hadn’t just liked it last year, they loved it. And they still do.

I’ve lost track of how many batches of spaetzle I’ve made in the last few weeks. Today, I tripled my recipe, just to make sure we have enough to go with tonight’s dinner, and to enjoy with lunches throughout the week. It’s a HUGE bowl, but I bet I’ll go through it faster than I expect.

Ten years ago, I despaired of ever sharing this part of my heritage with my children. Now they can’t get enough. So if you’re dealing with young children, and longing to share favorite things from your past with them, whether recipes, books, games, movies, or anything else, just give it some time. They may not appreciate it today, or tomorrow, or even a year from now, but eventually, their tastes may change, and you’ll be left just wondering what you got yourself into!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp–Brewster’s Sweet Harvest

There’s finally official word that a new Animal Crossing game is coming to the Nintendo Switch next year! While I anxiously anticipate that game’s release, I thought it would be fun to share some of the special events in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp as they come up (which is about once a month or so).

There’s currently a Splatoon Crossover event going on, but today I want to talk about the last event that I completed, which starred everybody’s favorite Animal Crossing pigeon…Brewster’s Sweet Harvest.

This was a fun event that involved planting three different kinds of “berrypetal” seeds to attract four different kinds of “bumbledrops.” The prizes included everything you need to create a lovely vineyard cafe at your campsite…tables, chairs, glasses of grape juice, counters, and even trellises! This event also added in a new challenge…once all of the tasks from parts one and two of the event were completed, some extra special hard tasks were unlocked, and offered even more furniture, in unique colors!

I really enjoyed this event, partly because Brewster has always been one of my favorite characters, and partly because I think the new furniture looks really nice. I also enjoyed the addition of the hard tasks…I really like completing these events, and the extra challenge for this one was a nice surprise!