The Most Sincere Pumpkin Patch in Belleville

I was on the hunt for a new pumpkin patch this year…the one we used to go to just wasn’t sincere enough anymore. I was beginning to think that we were going to run out of time to find one, and then I remembered¬†Braeutigum Orchards, a place we’ve visited a few times in the past to pick apples and other fruit (including a school field for Moose about eight years ago!), and even once to pick pumpkins. So after we went to Legends and Lanterns on Saturday, we headed out to the pumpkin patch!

I wasn’t disappointed…the pumpkin patch was very sincere, and even though it was warmer than I like for pumpkin picking, it was a beautiful day. I’m glad our pumpkin picking tradition survived, and now I know where we should head next fall!

Apple Picking

We had a fun afternoon at one of our local apple orchards. Moose had a field trip for school, and like last year, his teacher was kind enough to let his brother and sisters tag along and enjoy the day.

Turkey and Bunny love picking apples–it was hard to slow them down enough to make sure they didn’t overload their bags!

Ladybug loved running from one thing to another–she did slow down a bit when our wagon went over a big bump, and she almost fell out of her seat (thus the look of apprehension on her face!).

We didn’t just pick apples–we also got to visit with (and feed) a variety of farm animals, including this adorable calf.

After the apple picking and animal feeding, all the children had a chance to play in a really cool outdoor play area, complete with pony swings, corn tables, gardening equipment and different kinds of ride-on tractors. Guess which part was Moose’s favorite?