Chickadee Thursday

Ryan and I are celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary today, and Chickadee is having a fun time saying “Happy Mommy and Daddy Day!” to us!

Chickadee Thursday

Chickadee acquired a new friend at Schnucks today:

For the last few weeks (maybe even months…time flies by too fast!), Schnucks has had these cute little palm trees and inflatable monkeys on display in the produce department near the bananas and other tropical fruit. Chickadee said “hi” to them every week, because she thought they were so cute. Today, as we were walking past the deli, a Schnucks employee happened to be walking by with one of the monkeys, and as she always does, Chickadee said hello to it. That was the only prompting he needed, and he immediately bent down and placed the monkey in Chickadee’s arms and said “He’s all yours!” It totally made her day, and now she has a new friend!

Chickadee Thursday

Let’s face it…going to Target is always fun. But going to Target today was more fun than usual, because…Mario Kart!

We were all tickled to see Mario and Luigi outside, and to hear the sound effects as the doors opened, but Chickadee had the most fun of all, because she got to ride in a Mario “Cart”…or to be more specific, Peach’s Kart! And if you’re wondering, yes, she did make racing noises through the store, and she kept saying, “Peachy! Peachy!” Shopping is so much fun when you’re five!

In Our Easter Bonnets

I don’t know how long the girls will continue to enjoy wearing hats on Easter, but for now, I sure do like dressing up in our Easter best with them!