Chickadee Thursday

Chickadee spent most of today (not to mention yesterday) asking if it was time to eat pie yet. She was very excited about the pumpkin pie she picked this year!

Chickadee Thursday

Today we had our annual November field trip to Cahokia Mounds. It was a bit chilly, but Chickadee still enjoyed the climb to the top of Monk’s Mound.

What she really loved, though, was seeing lots of deer!

Lego “Women of NASA”

I was so excited when Lego Ideas announced that they were going to be making the proposed “Women of NASA” set. We’ve always been huge space nerds, and have a whole corner of our schoolroom dedicated to Lego space sets, so I knew this was going to fit in perfectly. Normally, I would let all five children in on the build, but since there were exactly three vignettes, one for each of my three daughters, I decided it was going to be a girls-only build!

Each part of the set is fairly small, and the builds aren’t too complicated (although they are ingenious…I love the use of a trash can on the telescope!), so it didn’t take too long to put together, and Chickadee could build her part with little help.

The completed sets include computer scientist Margaret Hamilton (and an impressive stack of books!), astronomer Nancy Grace Roman with a Hubble telescope, and astronauts Sally Ride and Mae Jemison with an amazingly detailed for its size space shuttle.

I love that Lego Ideas doesn’t just want you to build something…they want you to learn something, too! There was a page in the instruction book for each of the four women in the set, highlighting their lives and careers. It’s so inspiring to read about these real, brilliant, talented women…and even I learned quite a bit!

It’s a great looking set!

And I told you it would fit right in with our Lego space shuttle and Saturn V rocket!

This is a fantastic little set…as always, I’m looking forward to finding out what else Lego Ideas will put into production in the future!

Chickadee Thursday

Today is Moose’s birthday, and Chickadee always loves being a part of a celebration!

Bonus picture time! Chickadee is a huge fan of those themed cardboard backdrops that stores like to use to advertise new movies. I’ve taken her picture with Frozen, Star Wars, and Lego Batman versions, and those are just the ones I’ve shared on Chickadee Thursday…there have been others! So when we stumbled across a Cars 3 backdrop at Walmart yesterday, she had to stop and take her picture with both sides of it:

I love how everything is fun to her!

Chickadee Thursday

Just like we did last November, today we visited Creve Coeur Park, where we enjoyed time on the playground, had a picnic lunch, and walked the 3.7 mile trail around the lake. It was a beautiful November day, and Chickadee had a great time!

Chickadee Thursday

Today we visited Howdershell Park in Hazelwood, MO. Last month, they opened a Ninja Warrior training structure, and I promised the children that when it cooled off, we would try it out. Chickadee is really too small for most of the apparatuses, but she loved showing off her muscles!

Chickadee Thursday

Last month (or maybe it was in August), I received this cool little Lego set free with a purchase. It has all kind of little learning activities, including making letters and numbers out of Lego bricks, and it’s just perfect for Chickadee to use while working on her letter of the week!

This week was all about the letter “P” and Chickadee enjoyed making it using just 10 Lego bricks, along with some other letters, numbers, and an adorable little giraffe!

I love finding fun little things to add to her lessons!