Chickadee Thursday

Chickadee has really been enjoying the Winter Olympics. During the Rio Summer Olympics, she tried “Bolting” and the “Mobot.” This time, we’ve been watching a lot of figure skating, so she’s got the whole “hand heart” thing figure out!

She also decided that it’s been too long since Dolly has been in a picture with her, so she insisted that they both be in the photo!

Chickadee Thursday

Today, Chickadee and I got to accompany The Bigs to Concordia Seminary, where they were singing for chapel with their Kantorei Kamp. And since it’s the 22nd, Dolly came along, as well. It’s been three months since she had her picture (intentionally) taken with Chickadee!

After The Bigs were back at camp, Chickadee and I went down to the Delmar Loop to look for the eight brightly decorated pianos that are out on the sidewalks as part of “Make Music St. Louis.” She really enjoyed playing a bit here and there as we walked!

That’s just a tiny glimpse of the fun the two of us have been having this week while her siblings are at Kantorei Kamp. We’ve also visited the St. Louis Zoo, been to the Missouri Botanical Garden, went swimming at the YMCA, rode the St. Louis Carousel at Faust Park, enjoyed a walk through the Butterfly House, attended Matins at Hope, played at the playground (before it got too hot!), shopped at the American Girl Store, toured the Route 66 exhibit at the Missouri History Museum one more time, and went out to lunch at Three Kings Public House. It’s been a busy week, but we’re not done yet…there are a few more fun activities on the schedule for tomorrow!

One More Year with Dolly

Chickadee is now five years old, which means five years of monthly pictures with Dolly. I think this is the last year that I will share the monthly pictures (although Dolly may make a guest appearance every now and then)…but what a busy year it’s been!

Sixty Months

Dolly spent the day at the St. Louis Science Center with us, to celebrate Chickadee’s birthday:

I think this is the last intentional monthly Dolly photo I’ll take with Chickadee…but you never know when she might make a cameo appearance!

Fifty-Nine Months

Dolly went grocery shopping with us at Schnucks this morning:

One month from today, my baby will be FIVE! It may sound cliché, but my, how time flies!

Fifty-Eight Months

Chickadee doesn’t nap anymore, but every now and again, she’ll fall asleep somewhere at some point in the afternoon. Today was one of those days:

Chickadee Thursday–Fifty-Seven Months

Tonight, “The Bigs” had their final choir rehearsal before Christmas Eve church, and Chickadee, Dolly, and I tagged along to listen to them.

Chickadee loves the Christmas tree at Hope!


She’s very excited that Christmas is almost here!