Sartorial Saturday–Hufflepuff

You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil;

Turkey and Bunny may outnumber me with their Ravenclaw harlequins, but I’m still a proud Hufflepuff!

I also have the perfect accessories for this print, including two different (and different-toned) Splendette stacks. I’m so glad they recently released some new colors, and especially GLITTER, Duchess Bangles!

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve worn some variation of this outfit recently,,, the colors and harlequin pattern are so fun, and I love being able to share this sartorial geekery with my children!

My Favorite Retro Fashion Brands

There must be something about October that inspires me to make a “Top Five” list that only has three items (instead of my usual six-ish)! Today I want to talk about my three favorite retro fashion brands:

  • Pinup Girl Clothing–I bet this one is shocking, right? I’ve talked extensively about how “PUG Changed My Life.” Most of my retro clothes are PUG pieces. I have skirts and tops, dresses, and even a bolero. I love PUG, and even when I’m not looking to buy anything and/or can’t afford anything, I still love to see what’s in the “Coming Soon” section of their website. They also have a fantastic Facebook community full of supportive (and very well-dressed) shoppers. I don’t think anybody does vintage-inspired clothing with a modern flair the way they do!
  • Splendette–In my mind, no retro outfit is complete without an awesome bangle stack. Prior to this year, I didn’t have a source for bangles that would fit over my large hands. And then Splendette announced that they were adding a Duchess Bangles line to their range, and my retro accessories prayers were answered! Splendette also offers pieces like necklaces and earrings, if you’re looking to coordinate with your bangles and get the full look.
  • Erstwilder–If there’s one thing a retro outfit really needs outside of bangles, it’s a great brooch. I love brooches, both fancy and whimsical. I actually had a few brooches in my jewelry box before I really got into retro fashions, but I’ve added quite a few since then. Erstwilder is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for something more whimsical, and they have themes and color selections to go with pretty much any outfit!

Of course, there are other brands I like. The Oblong Box Shop has fun novelty-print skirts. Unique Vintage sells house brands items, but also other retro brands. Luxulite, Meteor Jewelry, and Tangerine Menagerie offer fun jewelry options. And I wish I didn’t have giant clown feet, because I’d love to try some of the amazing retro styles B.A.I.T. footwear offers. But my top three are in a class by themselves, and make up the bulk of the clothing and jewelry in my retro wardrobe!

Sartorial Saturday–Skeleton Band

I think it’s pretty clear that I’m not a Halloween person. Even so, I had a great time at Legends and Lanterns in St. Charles, MO, last year, wearing a Pinup Girl Clothing dress featuring art by Stephanie Buscema.

Well, Stephanie Buscema is one heck of an artist, because for the second year in a row, even though I don’t do Halloween, I have purchased a piece of clothing featuring her artwork from PUG’s Halloween collection. This year, it’s the adorably quickly skeleton band print, on a new-style-to-me skirt, the Bella:

Seriously, the artwork on this skirt is AMAZING! The musical skeletons are the cute kind of Halloween quirky (not scary at all, which really isn’t my thing), and the moon reminds me of the moon in one of my favorite video games…The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. And I love the color combination…the varying greys and pinks look so great together, and the striped PUG Jailbird top is the perfect addition to the outfit!

I went with pretty simple accessories to go with the outfit, including my pink Splendette Duchess Bangles and a matching necklace, plus hoop earrings designed by Elizabeth Claire Taylor.

I really like the Bella skirt…it feels almost as full as a Jenny, even though it’s not as gathered. And I love that once again, Pinup Girl has helped me step out of my comfort zone and try something new and unexpected that looks great on me!

Sartorial Saturday–Red, White, and Pink Harlequin

Last week’s Sartorial Saturday was all about Pinup Girl Clothing and red, white, and blue harlequin…today I’m focusing on red, white, and pink harlequin!

The Gena dress is new to me, and I really like it. I don’t have many dresses with sleeves, so this is a nice change, even in the summer. And I’m really into harlequin prints right now, so this dress was an instant hit! The Splendette bangles are a bit off, color-wise, but I don’t have many options when it comes to Splendette, so close enough will have to do. The necklace, however, is perfect! Overall, I think this is a really fun outfit, and I’m looking forward to wearing it all summer long!

Sartorial Saturday–Red, White, and Blue Harlequin

Last year for the Fourth of July, I shared what was my most patriotic outfit at the time, featuring Pinup Girl Clothing’s Amanda dress in red, white, and blue. This year, I’m back with another Pinup Girl outfit featuring America’s colors, but this time in separates…a red Harley top and a blue ice harlequin print circle skirt. While I originally styled the skirt for winter wear, I think it’s made the transition to summer well, especially paired with a blue Erstwilder brooch, red and blue Duchess bangles from Splendette, my favorite white hat, and a new pair of red heels!

Do you have any patriotic-themed outfits?

Sartorial Saturday–The Splendette Stack

For as long as I’ve been shopping with Pinup Girl Clothing and other retro brands, there has been one thing missing from my wardrobe…a good bangle stack in the bakelite style. I have admired the stacks that other vintage enthusiasts wear, often made by another retro brand, Splendette, who makes tons of “fakelite” bracelets, but there was no bangle stack for me. I have big hands and large wrists, and there was no bangle that would fit over my hand, much less around even the narrowest part of my wrists. No matter how great they looked, I always felt like my outfits were a bit incomplete, because to me, bangle bracelets, especially stacks of them, are a huge part of the overall look, and I couldn’t wear them.

A few months ago, I saw Splendette tease a new “Duchess Bangle” on Instagram, and I immediately perked up. As more information came out, I realized that I would finally have my chance! The bangles, which have a wrist hole of about 7.5 cm, would fit me! They were testing out the response to them, so they only produced six colors, in large and midi widths…three pastels, and three brights. Even though it meant international shipping, I ordered the full set of each when they came out, and I was not disappointed! Finally, I have the arm accessories I have been longing for! This is the pastel stack, which goes especially well with this Pinup Girl Butterfly dress:

The details on the bangles are amazing. They each have a different pattern, and the patterns are of different depths, which gives them a great visual texture. I love mixing the colors and widths to create new stacks. I’m really going to need Splendette to make some new Duchess Bangles, though, because I need more colors (purple, white, black, and clear would be a good start, plus GLITTER!!! All of the glitter…I’d buy one in every color they make, and I know they’ve done the whole rainbow in standard sizes!). Until that happens, though, I’m just happy that I can finally wear an awesome bangle stack with my retro fashions!

Sartorial Saturday–1940s Style

I think it’s pretty obvious that 1950s fashion is my favorite…the fuller the skirt, the better! But ever since I first saw this Butterfly dress on Pinup Girl Clothing’s website, I have longed to wear it, even though it has a decidedly 1940s vibe. I finally got my chance when I placed my first Zulily order, and managed to get the dress for about 70% off! The dress didn’t come with the belt that was supposed to accompany it, but Zulily made it as right as they could, given that they didn’t have any more of the dress in stock. I have other belts that go with it, anyway, so in the end, I think it was a great purchase! I also have some great accessories to wear with it, including my favorite spring hat, and pastel Duchess bangles and a necklace from Splendette!

Wearing this dress makes me feel like I’ve stepped back into a picture of the Queen Mum during WWII, and I love having something a little different in my closet!