Sartorial Saturday–PUG Changed My Life!

Earlier in the summer, Pinup Girl Clothing announced that they were going to be holding everyone’s favorite contest: PUG Changed My Life. They encouraged their customers to share stories on Facebook and Instagram of how wearing Pinup Girl fashions has changed their lives. Of course, I had to enter. Pinup Girl has changed the way I see myself, and the way I present  myself, and I wanted to share how I went from invisible to confident, and discovered that I like who I am along the way. So over the course of the contest, I made several entries, trying to find the right words to explain how PUG Changed My Life.

I wasn’t really expecting to win, although the grand prize of a Pinup Girl shopping spree and a photoshoot with them in California was certainly appealing (yes, I have a not-so-secret dream to appear as a model on their website just once). And, as I expected, I didn’t win the grand prize. But on Bunny’s birthday, I realized I had an unusual number of notifications from Instagram popping up on my phone, and when I looked into it, I discovered that Pinup Girl had decided to award a few “honorable mention” prizes, and one of them was me!

I knew immediately what I was going to buy…the brown harlequin Long Jun skirt. I had been admiring the colors and print ever since it had come out, but I didn’t have the money for it. It took me a little longer to decide on a top (or tops) to go with it, but in the end, I chose a black Harley top, since I knew I liked the style, and I really needed a black top that didn’t have long sleeves. I also ordered a wrap top in pink that likewise goes with the skirt (as well as a bunch of others already in my wardrobe)…I’ll share that one at a later date.

I found some fun accessories to go with the outfit. The earrings are also from Pinup Girl, and match the bright pink in the skirt perfectly. The Erstwilder brooch was a little gift from Ryan, and picks up the other colors of the skirt. And the shoes (from Avenue, my favorite store to buy quality, comfortable shoes that look nice and are available in the wide-width I need after five pregnancies!), are a departure from what I usually wear with Pinup Girl styles, but I love how they go with the colors in the skirt.

The very fact that I was willing to share all this publicly just goes to show how much I’ve changed and how Pinup Girl was a huge part of that change. And while I love that I got a gorgeous new outfit without having to spend any money, I’m even more grateful that I have gotten to know who I am, and am willing to share that person with the world! Thanks Pinup Girl!

Reigning Men

It has been a very fashionable year at the St. Louis Art Museum!

Earlier this year, we saw an exhibit dedicated to Degas and the Paris Millinery trade. We also went on a fun scavenger hunt looking for hats designed by British milliner Stephen Jones. But that wasn’t the end of the fashion exhibits! Last week, we also had the opportunity to tour the Reigning Men exhibit,  which showcases men’s fashion from 1715-2015, thanks to “Free Fridays” at the St. Louis Art Museum!

Reigning Men is divided into five sections. First was Revolution/Evolution, which focused on both the more aggressive, political side of fashion, as well as a general resistance to traditional menswear, evidenced by a change in colors and patterns. There was much in the part of the exhibit that felt familiar, due to our studies of history:

Next was East/West, which showed how events such as the Crimean War changed then-current fashions in Europe. The changes have persisted, and have extended to Japanese-inspired fashions, among other things, becoming popular, even today:

The third section, Uniformity,  was the largest. As the title suggests, military uniforms were displayed. More utilitarian outfits worn by civilians, as well as business and formal attire considered socially acceptable, were also included:

There were even several pairs of unusual shoes on display in this part of the exhibit!

From there, we moved on to Body Consciousness, which focused on clothing that flaunted a youthful, trim silhouette. In addition to some rather sheer styles, there were even underwear on display here, which caused some giggling from all of us. We also saw a swimsuit made of the material that was banned following the 2008 Olympic Games!

The final area was The Splendid Man, which focused on bold colors and adventurous styles, including heavy embroidery and even a suit covered in sequins! Let’s face it, we don’t normally see men dressed in the fashions displayed here, so it was the most foreign to us!

This was a fascinating exhibit. We saw suits of clothing that looked as if they had been lifted from the pages from history, tuxedos we recognized from movies, familiar military uniforms, and even the closest thing we have to “National Dress” here in America, in the form of a Ralph Lauren design. But as is the case with most high fashion, much of it was completely alien to us, and unlike anything we’ve ever seen on the streets. It was still interesting to see how men’s fashion has evolved, and I don’t imagine that I’ll consider menswear “boring” again!

Sartorial Saturday–My Current Favorites

I was thinking about my current Pinup Girl Clothing favorites recently. And while I love all my PUG pieces, I came up with five outfits that I’m really into right now:

The surprising thing about this list is that while most of my PUG items are skirts, right now, three of my top five outfits are dresses. Who knows, though…in a few weeks, the list could be completely different!

Sartorial Saturday–Blue and Yellow

There’s a part of me that is still apprehensive about wearing this much bright color in one outfit. But the Pinup Girl Clothing Mary Blair prints are so cheerful, they just beg to be paired with something bold, so here we are.

I like that the color of the top is found in the skirt, as well, so while it may seem like a shocking combination at first, once you really look at it, the outfit is very well-coordinated!

Sartorial Saturday–Red, White, and Pink Harlequin

Last week’s Sartorial Saturday was all about Pinup Girl Clothing and red, white, and blue harlequin…today I’m focusing on red, white, and pink harlequin!

The Gena dress is new to me, and I really like it. I don’t have many dresses with sleeves, so this is a nice change, even in the summer. And I’m really into harlequin prints right now, so this dress was an instant hit! The Splendette bangles are a bit off, color-wise, but I don’t have many options when it comes to Splendette, so close enough will have to do. The necklace, however, is perfect! Overall, I think this is a really fun outfit, and I’m looking forward to wearing it all summer long!

Sartorial Saturday–Red, White, and Blue Harlequin

Last year for the Fourth of July, I shared what was my most patriotic outfit at the time, featuring Pinup Girl Clothing’s Amanda dress in red, white, and blue. This year, I’m back with another Pinup Girl outfit featuring America’s colors, but this time in separates…a red Harley top and a blue ice harlequin print circle skirt. While I originally styled the skirt for winter wear, I think it’s made the transition to summer well, especially paired with a blue Erstwilder brooch, red and blue Duchess bangles from Splendette, my favorite white hat, and a new pair of red heels!

Do you have any patriotic-themed outfits?

Sartorial Saturday–Queen of the Castle(s)

The pink castles Jenny skirt was my first-ever clothing purchase from Pinup Girl Clothing (although I had purchased a canvas underskirt from them a few months before this skirt), and it remains one of my favorites. I love that I’m still finding new ways to style it, including new colors of tops that go with it, and brooches I don’t usually pair with it!