Spring in St. Louis

I love spring in St. Louis. There are so many beautiful flowers and flowering trees everywhere you look! The two best places, in my opinion, to enjoy spring are 1.) Forest Park, especially the area around the Art Museum:

And 2.) The Missouri Botanical Garden, which is always gorgeous, but especially colorful at this time of year:

Where are your favorite places to enjoy the beauty of spring?

Winter and Spring

I knew when I saw the snow-covered flowering crabapple trees at the Missouri Botanical Garden back in January that I would have to take a comparison picture when they were actually flowering in the spring. I got my chance yesterday…I love how different, and how beautiful, both views are! There is truly no bad season in Shaw’s Garden!

Spring Flowers

It’s a gloomy day today, but these pictures of the beautiful flowers we’ve been seeing at the Missouri Botanical Garden over the last few weeks are greatly improving my mood!




Late Summer at the Missouri Botanical Garden

It’s fun to see where the seasons meet at the Missouri Botanical Garden. It’s still technically summer, but you can already see fall approaching!


Summer Blooms at the Missouri Botanical Garden

A new season means that new kinds of beautiful flowers are in bloom at the Missouri Botanical Garden!



There are a lot of roses, in addition to the daylilies, and many other flowers, too!