Make Music St. Louis

On June 21st, St. Louis participated in “Make Music Day,” a day that encourages the whole city to get involved in making all kinds of music. As part of this celebration, 17 non-restorable pianos were decorated and placed around the city to give them one last chance to provide music. Almost half of the pianos were placed up and down Delmar, so last week, Chickadee and I took a walk to find them…it was almost like cake hunting again!

The first piano we saw was very colorful:

I loved the contrast between the front and back of this piano:

It was much fun to see (and hear!) other people checking out pianos like this one as we walked!

The “Play Me” message on this piano was fun:

I think this piano wins the “most local” award!

I loved the cityscape on this one:

And Chickadee loved the colorful flowers on this one!

And one last piano:

Ever since “Cakeway to the West,” I have loved hearing about public art displays like this, and I love it even more when I get to see it for myself!

Chickadee Thursday

Today, Chickadee and I got to accompany The Bigs to Concordia Seminary, where they were singing for chapel with their Kantorei Kamp. And since it’s the 22nd, Dolly came along, as well. It’s been three months since she had her picture (intentionally) taken with Chickadee!

After The Bigs were back at camp, Chickadee and I went down to the Delmar Loop to look for the eight brightly decorated pianos that are out on the sidewalks as part of “Make Music St. Louis.” She really enjoyed playing a bit here and there as we walked!

That’s just a tiny glimpse of the fun the two of us have been having this week while her siblings are at Kantorei Kamp. We’ve also visited the St. Louis Zoo, been to the Missouri Botanical Garden, went swimming at the YMCA, rode the St. Louis Carousel at Faust Park, enjoyed a walk through the Butterfly House, attended Matins at Hope, played at the playground (before it got too hot!), shopped at the American Girl Store, toured the Route 66 exhibit at the Missouri History Museum one more time, and went out to lunch at Three Kings Public House. It’s been a busy week, but we’re not done yet…there are a few more fun activities on the schedule for tomorrow!