The Drum Bridge–December

And just like that, another year of taking pictures at the Missouri Botanical Garden comes to an end. I’ve really enjoyed watching the scenery around the Drum Bridge in the Japanese Garden change throughout the year, and I’m excited about next year’s photo project…stay tuned!

The Drum Bridge–October

I can’t believe I’m already 10 months into taking photos of the Drum Bridge this year! I also can’t believe that it’s October 10th, and it doesn’t look even remotely like fall…

The Drum Bridge–September

The Missouri Botanical Garden’s Japanese Festival is this weekend, and the Drum Bridge was busier than we’ve ever seen it!

The Drum Bridge–July

I was really starting to worry that we wouldn’t make it the Missouri Botanical Garden this month…it’s been so hot, no one has wanted to leave the house, much less walk around outside. Yesterday it was a bit cooler (although drizzly and very humid), so we finally made it. The Japanese Garden looks almost as pretty when it’s raining as it does when it’s snowing…we really enjoyed watching the raindrops fall on the water!