The Drum Bridge–July

I was really starting to worry that we wouldn’t make it the Missouri Botanical Garden this month…it’s been so hot, no one has wanted to leave the house, much less walk around outside. Yesterday it was a bit cooler (although drizzly and very humid), so we finally made it. The Japanese Garden looks almost as pretty when it’s raining as it does when it’s snowing…we really enjoyed watching the raindrops fall on the water!

The Drum Bridge–May

I wasn’t expecting the difference in how the Drum Bridge looked last month compared to how it looks it now to be so great…you can hardly see the bridge for all the new leaves in the first picture!

The Drum Bridge–March

Things are really beginning to bloom at the Missouri Botanical Garden…spring is officially here!

The Drum Bridge–February

I still haven’t decided which angle I like best, so I’m sharing both views of the Drum Bridge again!

The Drum Bridge–January

I have really enjoyed taking monthly photographs of different Missouri Botanical Garden landmarks over the last two years, so I decided to do it again this year. I wasn’t sure which location to pick at first, until I realized that the Japanese Garden is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Once I learned that, my location choice was obvious…the Drum Bridge!

I’m very grateful we had snow already this month, and on a day when I was already planning on driving into the city. Snow is actually considered a flower in a Japanese Garden, so I think it’s especially fitting that my first month of photographing it, the bridge is “in bloom!”

I haven’t yet decided from what angle I want to photograph the bridge. I really like the way it looks from both sides, and the background either way is also stunning. For this month, at least, I’m “cheating” with two pictures…and if I continue having a hard time choosing my shot, I’ll just keep on sharing both!