The Linnean House–April

It’s finally starting to look like spring in St. Louis!

UPDATE: We returned to the Garden on April 21st for Chinese Culture Days, and I couldn’t believe how much the view had changed less than two weeks later!

Chickadee Thursday

Today is a beautiful spring day (finally!) so we spent the morning at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Chickadee was so happy to get out and see the flowers!


It’s only one small group of blossoms on our Japanese Cherry Tree, but it’s enough to give me hope that maybe spring is finally here!

Thinking Spring

After yesterday’s unexpected snow, I’m thinking spring more than ever. Fortunately, the beautiful early flowers at the Missouri Botanical Garden are proof that despite the wild weather swings, spring really isn’t that far away!

Spring in Tower Grove Park

Yesterday evening, Chickadee and I took a walk around Tower Grove Park. Like it’s next-door neighbor, the Missouri Botanical Garden, as well as Forest Park, we saw lots of tulips in bloom and many flowering trees. This setting is rather unique because of the faux ruins that are one of the central decorative features of the park. In addition to the many gazebos and pavilions, there are also other beautiful buildings on the property, too, as we really enjoyed our stroll!

Spring in St. Louis

I love spring in St. Louis. There are so many beautiful flowers and flowering trees everywhere you look! The two best places, in my opinion, to enjoy spring are 1.) Forest Park, especially the area around the Art Museum:

And 2.) The Missouri Botanical Garden, which is always gorgeous, but especially colorful at this time of year:

Where are your favorite places to enjoy the beauty of spring?