Winter at the Chicago Botanic Garden

When we were in Chicago two weeks ago, one of the things of the things I wanted to do was visit the Chicago Botanic Garden using the reciprocity that comes with our Missouri Botanical Garden membership. I’m so glad we had time to go!

The weather was actually very nice for Chicago in January, but there was still snow on the ground, which made our walk even more fun. Without question, our favorite part of the Garden was the Japanese Garden, Sansho-en. There were two islands we were allowed to visit (a third is visible, but not accessible), and the winding paths were lovely.

The rest of the snow-covered garden was beautiful, too. We saw as much of it as we could with the time we had.

We did eventually get cold (nice or not, it was still January!), so we enjoyed a walk through the greenhouses to warm up:

And we took a look at the bonsai trees  on display in the Regenstein Center. Don’t let their small size fool you…some of them are over 80 years old!

We loved our wintertime visit to the Chicago Botanic Garden, and I’m really hoping we’ll have a chance to go back in the spring.  know there is a lot more water throughout the Garden than it looked like because of all of the snow, and I really want to know how it  looks when you can see it all!

Winter and Spring

I knew when I saw the snow-covered flowering crabapple trees at the Missouri Botanical Garden back in January that I would have to take a comparison picture when they were actually flowering in the spring. I got my chance yesterday…I love how different, and how beautiful, both views are! There is truly no bad season in Shaw’s Garden!

The First Snowfall

On Thursday, we finally got some snow. Not a lot, which was a disappointment to the children, but at least it wasn’t a tiny bit of snow mixed with some ice! And because there wasn’t too much, and the roads were pretty clear, I was able to take a walk around the Missouri Botanical Garden, which is uniquely beautiful when covered in snow:

Hopefully this first real snowfall for the winter won’t be the only real snowfall…I’m still hoping for a snow day at some point!

Silver & Blue Belle

I found one more way to style my blue ice harlequin circle skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing!


I went for a silver, blue, and white look. I even dug out my silver heels for the occasion…although, to be honest, they’re not the most practical footwear at this time of year. They look great, though!

I still can’t get over how perfectly this Erstwilder brooch goes with the skirt…I don’t think I’ll ever wear a different brooch with it!


I really love this skirt. Obviously, I’m thinking Christmas now, but in a month, I’ll be wearing it and thinking winter! I’m so happy I won’t have to pack it away until next year after the 12 days of Christmas are over!