Thanksgiving School–Day Three

Wednesday found our focus on the Mayflower. We started with On the Mayflower, a book I’ve been hoping to get for the last two years. I managed to grab a used copy on Amazon this summer at a great price, and it was great to finish the series by Kate Waters that we’ve been using since Kindergarten (more on the other books in following days!).

We also got to read a book that I remember reading over and over as a child–If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620. I love the “If You…” series, because the books manage to answer all the questions children have about different events in history. We learned how clean (or not) the Pilgrims were, what they ate, what they were allowed to bring onboard, and many other things.

We read a second book in the “You Wouldn’t Want To…” series as well: You Wouldn’t Want to Sail on the Mayflower. Even with all they learned about life on the ship, Turkey and Bunny thought that maybe they would have done it, anyway. They never cease to surprise me!

Our craft for the day was making a paper plate Mayflower. It will be partnered with later crafts from the week–we’ll be adding a pilgrim boy and girl to the ship. I love paper plate crafts!

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