Back to Normal

Things are more or less back to normal here following the *not* huge storm and the *very* cold temps of yesterday. The schools are back in session, and while Moose isn’t in school today, that’s normal for us–he has no schools on Fridays, anyway. Of course, our school schedule hasn’t suffered on account of the weather–one of the many benefits of homeschooling!

The roads are pretty much clear, except for our subdivision, which is also normal, as the plows never seem to make it down here. Why do we pay the HOA every year again? At least the highways are clear–I know that I can get to Wal-Mart without any trouble if I so desire!

Mail delivery was never interrupted, but UPS did suffer some delays–that appears to back to normal, too. I’m looking forward to having some new books for school delivered today! How did we ever buy books before

The only thing that really hasn’t recovered is our driveway. It’s covered in ice, and the ice doesn’t seem to have any inclination to melt any time soon. I tried to attack it with the shovel, (what a joke!), and copious amounts of salt have been thrown down, but even after a day full of bright sun yesterday, the melting was minimal. At least we’re on the right side of the street for the sunlight–the folks across from us are going to be ice-covered for a long time to come!

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