Never Trust a Groundhog

Or a weatherman, for that matter!

Does this look like an early spring? Or the results of a system that “passed to the south?”

I think not. I had to shovel four to five inches of “scattered flurries” off the driveway this morning. And that on top of a solid layer of ice that has refused to leave, even with salt, sun, and desperate attempts to break it up with the shovel. I know it’s winter, but it would be nice if we could get a forecast that would warn us of the weather to come–we either get doom and gloom about what turns out to be a relatively minor storm, or no warning about a decent amount of snow that put a crimp in my weekend plans!

“Where the Sidewalk Ends” is not only the name of a children’s poetry book–it’s also a question raised when trying to determine what is snow-covered sidewalk that needs to be cleared, and what is, beneath the snow, ice-covered lawn. Because, let me tell you, they look the same when viewed through the lens of ice!

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