An Accomplishment

It may not seem like a big accomplishment to some, but it is to me: Bunny has mastered the monkey bars this summer.

She wasn’t even close to making it across last summer, but this year, she was determined to do it. There’s a playground across the parking lot from where Turkey has had his baseball games, and so before each game, she would practice. At first, she could only get to the third bar before her arms got tired or she lost her grip.

But she was determined, and kept trying. I really admire her persistence.

And then, all of a sudden, she did it! And then did it again. And then it wasn’t even a challenge, and she was swinging across those bars every time she tried.

I still remember the sense of satisfaction I felt the first time I made it across a similar set of monkey bars, probably when I was about her age, so I really celebrated with her when she conquered them.

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