The Coolest Park Ever!

At the suggestion of a friend, we stopped at Deer Creek Park in Maplewood, MO, as part of today’s tour of parks. I thought the children might explode with joy when they saw the playground:

It was like it had been built just for our family–so fun!

8 thoughts on “The Coolest Park Ever!

  1. Uncle Ken says:

    Aww yeah. Rocket Park rules!

    I used to go there when I was about Turkey’s age. It’s been updated since — I remember a lot more rusty metal and less plastic — but that rocket slide was THE COOLEST THING EVER at that age. πŸ™‚

    My parents probably have a bunch of pictures of me running around that park in the late ’80s. Hmm…

  2. We used to pass that park all the time when we lived in Maplewood – we never stopped. Guess we weren’t in a “park” mentality back then. πŸ™‚

  3. elbobbo says:

    I remember going to this park when I was little. They changed the playground up to make it a lot safer, but this looks a lot cooler. Memories.

  4. Kate says:

    Hello Amanda,

    The May issue of St. Louis Magazine is featuring the parks in and around St. Louis City and County. We would love to feature your wonderful pictures of Deer Creek Park.

    If you have high resolution images if Deer Creek Park that you would like to share with us for publication in the magazine, please let me know.

    My email address is


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