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For the first time with any of my pregnancies, we’re struggling with baby names.

Not a girl’s name. We have a first and middle picked out for a girl. And it’s been easy to think that this *is* a girl, if only because we already know what her name would be.

But, with the ultrasound coming up, I want to at least have some boys’ names prepared, just in case. I’m afraid that I’ll feel some sort of disappointment if I find out this baby is a boy, and have no clue what his name might be. I wouldn’t actually *be* disappointed, because I really don’t care one way or the other, (no matter who this baby is, he or she is a tiebreaker for the family!), but I’m afraid that I’ve focused too much on the possibility of a girl, just because it’s easier.

All of our children have Bible names; this one will be no different. And you’d think that the boy name would be the easier of the two to come up with, since there are so few girl names in the Bible in the first place, compared to boy names. And yet, most of the names we’ve discussed just don’t seem to fit. They either don’t go with our last name, or they’re too boring, or too unusual, (we can’t win for losing!), or have the wrong number of syllables, or just don’t feel like our baby’s name. I know, we’re picky. But choosing someone’s name for them is a big deal!

If inspiration doesn’t strike soon, and this baby is a boy, we may have to name him Frankincense!

2 thoughts on “Baby Names

  1. “There were no F names in the Bible so Ma named him Frankincense because he smelled so sweet.” -Caleb from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

    We have no name decided on for sure – even though we were told this is a girl. We have possibilities, but I won’t know if a name fits her until she’s born and I’ve seen her. Did you name all the kids before their births? We’ve always had a front-runner on our list of names, but so far we haven’t used it for either kid. Guess we’ll see if the front-runner works this time. 🙂 Happy Baby name hunting!

  2. At least someone got my Frankincense reference…I was afraid people would just think I was crazy! 🙂

    We had names for all but Abby…she was originally supposed to be Hannah, but when she was born, she was clearly an Abby…which is good, because Hannah is clearly a Hannah!

    Can’t wait to hear what name you guys pick!

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