We’re still working on getting back into our school routine following Christmas. It can be kind of a rough transition!

Last week, as Moose had off Monday and Tuesday, we all decided not to start back to school until Wednesday. And since we were only having three days of school, I decided that we wouldn’t do our full schedule, but ease back in, doing religion, math, and Latin only. Oh, and reading. There’s always reading going on here.

This week, however, means a return to our full school routine. Five full days, and full subjects. So, we’re doing the above, plus handwriting, grammar, spelling, copywork/dictation, history, science, and electives. Did I forget anything? It seems like a lot after having Thanksgiving and Christmas school, and then vacation. I can’t believe we were getting all of this done on a regular basis earlier in the school year!

I think that this is almost harder on me as a teacher than it is on my students. I’d gotten accustomed to having time for laundry and dishes and cleaning and whatever else during the day. Now I’m having to remember how to fit it all in around our schoolwork, and I’ve increased Ladybug’s school time on top of it! I’m remembering why I was having a hard time keeping up with the folding prior to Christmas…maybe even prior to Thanksgiving! And I’m also wondering when I’m ever going to get around to taking down the Christmas decorations!

Routines are good, for teachers and students. And once we’re used to our routine again, (hopefully sometime before Chickadee is born, at which point, all routines will be shot all to heck anyway!), it will be a great benefit to us in getting everything done. Until then, however, there’s a struggle of trying to figure out how to get everything done, and in an efficient manner, if possible.

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