There’s Always Something New

I had an ultrasound again this morning. You’d think that after so many children, and having had so many ultrasounds with each child, I’d have seen it all by now. But you’d be wrong!

The ultrasound tech was taking the measurements she needed, and commented on how Chickadee’s hands were right up by her face. That wasn’t surprising to me…in every ultrasound I’ve had, she’s always had at least one hand right up by her cheek, and once, I even think I saw her sucking her thumb. But then she zoomed in on one of Chickadee’s tiny hands, and showed me how Chickadee was grasping the umbilical cord. And Chickadee proceeded to hold onto it for the entire ultrasound, which lasted about 20 minutes. For all I know, she’s still hanging on!


To be fair, I’ve heard that babies can do that in utero. But I’ve never actually seen it happen, not even in other people’s ultrasound pictures. There was something both very sweet and very amusing about it. It really makes you wonder…why? Is it a sensory thing? Is is a security thing, like holding onto a blankie? Is she just bored in there and looking for something to do?

I have no idea why Chickadee does most of what she does in the womb, (including what must be some amazing gymnastics, based on the movements I’ve felt!). But, I love her little personality, which is already quite evident, and I love that even though I’ve been through so many pregnancies, I can still be surprised!

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