The Jesus Tree–Day Twenty-Four

Today marks the halfway point for our Jesus Tree readings and symbols, (but only because I added an extra one for Easter Monday, bringing the total to forty-eight). Our readings today focused on the calling of the disciple Matthew, (who was previously a tax collector, thus the money bag symbol), and we read all three accounts: Matthew 9:9-13; Mark 2:13-17; and Luke 5:27-32.

We found it interesting that only Matthew referred to himself by that name in his Gospel…the other two called him Levi, his Hebrew name. It was also interesting to note that while all three Gospels mentioned Jesus dining with tax collectors and sinners, (and the Pharisees’ subsequent complaining about this fact), only Luke mentions that the feast was being given by Matthew, (Levi), which makes a lot of sense, and helps the story flow better knowing that–of course he would invite people like him to a dinner party!

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