The Leprechaun Trap

For school this week, Moose had to make a “Leprechaun Trap.” We all had fun helping him design and assemble this project! We were also able to use things from around the house…a ubiquitous Amazon box, wrapping paper, glitter, a pencil, and embroidery thread. The only thing I actually bought for the project was a package of shamrock stickers…and if I had looked hard, I probably could have found some of those around here, too! It may not be the world’s best or most creative trap, but it sure was a lot of fun to make…Moose’s favorite part was putting stickers and glitter everywhere!

According to the instruction sheet we received with the assignment, Leprechauns like shiny things:

They also, of course, like green:

Being mischievous, they often do the opposite of what they’re told:

It was important to Turkey that Moose “actually” catch a Leprechaun, so he helped out with that task:

I love St. Patrick’s Day, so this project wasn’t even work for me…it was just a lot of fun, and I think it was great that we could all help Moose with his homework!

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