Opening Day

We didn’t make it to Busch Stadium for the Cardinals home opener today, (although not for lack of trying!), but we did enjoy our traditional Opening Day dinner of ballpark foods!

We had hot dogs of many kinds, besides the ubiquitous plain dog. Chili dogs…


Even a replica of the Busch Stadium bacon-wrapped dog!

We also had brats…I like mine with grilled onions and spicy mustard!

There were nachos, of course, with a wide variety of toppings to choose from…

Beverages included beer and root beer, depending on age and preference. For dessert, we had the ice cream cups we remembered from our childhoods, minus the tiny wooden “spoons.” We also had Super Pretzels in the freezer, and cheese sauce and mustard for dipping, but they were forgotten in favor of the nachos. I’m sure the children will take care of those tomorrow!

We might not have been at Busch Stadium today, but it sure tasted like we were there!

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