Gingerbread Displays 2012

Since the weather was so beautiful today, we took a nice, long walk up and down Main Street in downtown Belleville, to admire all of the beautiful gingerbread creations in the store windows.

There were all kinds of different displays, from traditional houses to mythical creatures, and more than one very “punny” creation!

Of course, there are different awards given out to the best and most creative designs. The Markel Family chose three particularly impressive displays.

A replica of the town library:

The very amusing “ninjabread men:”

And an amazing dragon:

Besides our three favorites, there were many other fun creations…the “Angry Birds” house was another favorite:

Bunny really thought this “Fleas Navi Dog” one was hilarious:

The design in the jewelry store window boasted a working clock:

Gingerbread space shuttle:

A castle:

Beautiful scrollwork:

I was amused by this cooler:

The snow in the store window made this one even more beautiful:

Gingerbread train:

We had a great time looking at them all!

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