The Final Rearrangement

Technically, I don’t think this really counts as rearranging the school room (which I said I was done doing). But I really wanted to find a way for our folding table to stay up permanently, because we use it for so very many things…puzzles, games, building projects, science experiments, and crafts, to name a few. The only way to really make room for the table, though, was to take the sectional sofa in the room apart, and slide everything toward the window.


In the end, I think it worked out well. The end of the couch is against the wall, so you don’t really notice the missing arm on one side. We have full access to the window now, which is nice, and the heating vent is no longer blocked. I don’t know that the room suffered at all for that (it wasn’t totally blocked, and there is a second vent), but it’s nice to have it back out in the open.

I’m done now. Other than adding a second cabinet, which I’d love to do at some point, but isn’t really in the budget, I can’t really think of a way to improve our school room set-up. I’m excited to get back to work on Monday, in our new-and-improved (again!) school room!

4 thoughts on “The Final Rearrangement

  1. That’s a pretty great little space! I think I’d probably never be able to have something like that and keep it organized (too tempting to clutter it up with all the busy areas), but I totally wish I could! You’ve made use of all the space you’ve got in there! I think that’s fantastic!

  2. Thanks! We had to lose our playroom to accomplish this, but I think it’s well worth it. When we started homeschooling almost five years ago, we just had the folding table, two chairs, and a bookcase in what used to be our spare bedroom. It was fun trying to work around the bed! Someday, I’ll post a real before and after, showing just how much our homeschooling space has changed…I’m thankful we have the room to work with!

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