The Alleluia Banner

I decided that in addition to our church year banners, our school room really needed an “Alleluia banner.” It’s hanging in the spot our Lenten Jesus tree will hang, which works out well, since Lent is the one time of year I’ll need to put the Alleluia banner away! The alleluias represent the liturgical colors of the year: blue for Advent, gold for Christmas (I know, Christmas isn’t a gold day, but white wouldn’t show up on white) and Easter, green for the time after Epiphany and Pentecost  purple for Lent, and red for special days like Pentecost and Reformation Day. I considered adding scarlet for Holy Week as well, but I couldn’t find a shade of felt that I liked, and I really didn’t have room, anyway.


I modeled this banner after the one at our church. It is, of course, not nearly as lovely as the church version, but I think it does a fair job of mimicking it, and tying church and home together in a very visible way.

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