2012-13 School Year–Week Twenty-Five

Finally, a normal week!

No one was sick, there were no holidays or snow days, and everyone was feeling pretty motivated this week. It was nice to get back to our regular schedule again!

Turkey and Bunny continued working on fractions in math, and they both continue to excel at them. We’ve moved on to adding and subtracting fractions that have different denominators, which I was afraid might be a struggle, but it’s really not. It is a struggle, however, to get them to remember to reduce every fraction that needs to be…if the book doesn’t specifically tell them to do it, they overlook this little detail. Eventually, they’ll get tired of me reminding them, I hope, and then they’ll remember to do it every time.

We studied the Great Depression in history this week, and finished our corresponding read-aloud. The new read-aloud that we started has nothing to do with American history (well, not too much, anyway)…we’re learning about St. Patrick’s Day! We’re going to get more in-depth with our St. Patrick studies next week, but I wanted to get an early start, because I have a lot of books to read! In history next week, we’ll be starting in on World War II, and I’ll have another read-aloud to go along with that, after we’re done learning about St. Patrick and Ireland.

We started a unit on the skin (actually, the whole integumentary system), in science this week. We had a fun time making fingerprints, and trying to figure out what kind of prints we each have. We also learned a lot about our hair and nails. We’ll finish up that lesson next week, and after that, we’ll only have a few chapters left in our science book. Apologia science has been, by far, my favorite science out of all the stuff we’ve tried, and the only curriculum we’ve really stuck with through a whole school year.

Ladybug is continuing to learn how to read. She’s finally figured out all of the vowels (I think…unless that changes next week!), and her fluency has really improved because of it. She really hates handwriting, I’ve discovered, which is frustrating to both of us, because she needs to do it, but I hate making her do something she dislikes so much. I tried to ease her handwriting burden a little this week, which made our days a little more pleasant.

I worked on some pre-Easter stuff when I had some free moments while the children were working. We chose a banner to make for Easter (which I think we’re going to assemble on Holy Saturday), and all of the pieces that go on the white felt background need to be gold. As there is no gold felt (that I’ve found, anyway), I spent a good deal of time “painting” the shapes I had cut out with tacky glue, and then sprinkling glitter on them. It was quite an undertaking, especially since one of the pieces was quite large, and I ended up quite sparkly by the end of the week. I think the banner is going to look pretty awesome, though!

One more week of school, and then a two-week vacation…I can’t wait!

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