A Tea Party for Easter Monday

To extend our Easter celebration, today we had an Easter Monday tea party. The table decorations were fairly simple: the runner we used on St. Patrick’s Day, the Paschal Candle we made on Holy Saturday, and some pretty Hershey’s kisses in pastel foils.


We had some new items at our party, like deviled eggs:


And old favorites like cucumber sandwiches:


Sugar cookies in the shape of chicks and butterflies:


Faux-linzer cookies, with spring-themed cutouts:


Jell-O jigglers–both regular, and the creamy variation:


And bunny-shaped jelly sandwiches:


I chose a lemon tea for today’s party. Originally, I planned on getting Darjeeling, since it comes in such a pretty purple box (plus, it’s really good!), but I couldn’t get any at the store. I figured lemon fit the theme pretty well, though, so it worked out OK!


I’m not sure when our next tea party will be. I’m thinking may a red-themed tea for Pentecost, but I’m still recovering from the month of March, so I’ll have to plan that out later!

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