Strawberry Picking

On Thursday, the girls and I went to Eckert’s to go strawberry picking. It was our last field trip of the school year. Sadly, Turkey was sick that day, and couldn’t join us, but he really wanted us to go so that he could at least have some strawberries once he was feeling better, so we ventured out for a girls’ morning!



We saw strawberry blossoms:


And green strawberries:


Bunny and Ladybug had a great time looking for strawberries. We were all shocked at how quickly our hands (and their faces!), turned red! It was obvious that they had been sampling strawberries along the way.


When it was all said and done, we picked about 5.5 pounds of strawberries (I think), and only spent about $13. For how amazing they taste, I would have gladly paid much more!



In addition to eating tons of them plain (and some with fresh whipped cream), I’ve also made strawberry bread and strawberry muffins.


After having lived basically down the road from Eckert’s for almost seven years, I’m glad we finally got around to going strawberry picking. Up next…blackberries in June!

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