There’s Always Something New at Grant’s Farm

It struck me when we were at Grant’s Farm on Friday that there’s always something new to see, no matter how often we go there.

It could be something really new, like this baby camel:


Or a young Clydesdale:


It could be something new to us, like seeing a peacock display his feathers (and hearing him scream…disturbing!):


Feeding the goats isn’t new, but the children actually going into the goat pen is…very brave of them!


Riding the carousel isn’t totally new, but it is a rare treat!


I couldn’t even tell you if the murals on the entrance to the Tier Garten are actually new, or if I’ve just never noticed them, but they seemed new to me!


This butterfly sculpture is fairly new (I think)…I noticed it for the first time last year:


But I didn’t realize until Friday that it’s covered in coins!


Sometimes one of the children likes to strike a new pose:


I wanted to get a new perspective on one of my favorite details of the Bauernhof…inexplicably, I take a picture of it every time we go to Grant’s Farm (it’s not like it changes!), but I really wanted something new and different this time.


We saw some other new animals, found a new gift shop and a new deli, and had a new family picture taken. I even sampled a new beer! This is why, no matter how many times we go to Grant’s Farm, I never, ever, get tired of it…there are just so many new things to do and see!

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