Blackberry Picking

We went to one of our favorite places this morning!



We’d never picked blackberries before, so we decided to try it out. They were clearly expecting a big crowd today!


Fortunately, we got there early, so we didn’t have to wait in line. That didn’t stop Turkey from racing through the whole queue, though!


Turkey and Ladybug were in charge of one box, and Bunny and Moose the other. Chickadee decided that she hates blackberries, so she just hung out with me and watched disdainfully.



There were still a few blossoms, but not many.


We saw berries in all stages of development, from tiny and green, to red, to black and ready to pick!


It was much easier to pick blackberries than it was strawberries, thanks to the very cool rotating trellises. We ended up with almost five pounds of blackberries. Turkey and Ladybug had more blackberries by weight, but they didn’t weigh Moose on his way out, and I’m pretty sure he ate more than he put in the box, so in the end, I’m guessing both pairs of children picked about the same amount.


It was a fun (and delicious!), way to spend a beautiful morning in June!

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