Science Center Field Trip

Today was the second day of the new school year, and we went on a field trip. How cool is that?!?


We’re starting over with the four-year history cycle this year, and before we really dive into the ancients, we’re learning a bit about archaeology. The St. Louis Science Center just happens to have a fun, interactive area where children can pretend to be archaeologists, see what kind of tools they use, and look at different examples of fossils. They also have volunteers working on fossils they found on one of their summer trips to Montana…we were lucky enough to get to talk to Woody, who was not only working on part of a fossil he discovered, but who has also found (and named), a T-Rex jawbone!

In science this year, we’re going to be studying astronomy (yay!), and the Science Center also happens to have a nice planetarium, so we went through there, as well. We didn’t see any of the the shows, but we got to look at a lot of cool space memorabilia, in addition to some items from actual space flights. The children also got to find out how much they would weigh on the moon, and how much it would cost the three of them to travel into space!

This was our second field trip of the week…I’d say we’ve gotten the year off to a great start!

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