2013-14 School Year–Week Seven

This was a fun week in school. And the reason it was so fun didn’t even technically happen this week…it was a field trip we took last Saturday! Since we’ve been studying English history, and are about to start on Scottish history, we went to the St. Louis Scottish Games in Forest Park! It was a lot of fun, and really helped put a face on what we’ve been learning about, so to speak. Seeing how much pride there still is in the Scottish heritage, eating Scottish food, hearing Scottish music, and watching Scottish entertainment really helped our history to come alive! We also kept talking about the things we saw and did all week long…major homeschool win!



We got to celebrate a feast day in church on Sunday, and our memory work for both last week and this week tied into that, as did some of our religion lessons. We’ve also started learning about Martin Luther in religion, it being October and all, which is always an interesting subject.

I guess the rest of the week was fairly standard. We continued learning about ancient Africa in history, particularly Egypt, but a little about the rest of the continent as well. We read a few tales about Anansi, which were enjoyed by everyone. We also read a few more Greek myths. We’re starting to get into some of the lesser-known stories, which is fun and interesting. We finished learning about Venus in science, so next week, we get to learn about our home planet…should be fun!

I’ve also been working on plans for Christmas school, as well as for the Winter Olympics next year. We’re going to be learning a lot about Russia…I’m pretty excited about it. We’ll also get to view yet another production of the Nutcracker, which is always a favorite part of our school at Christmastime!

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