At the Dentist

Turkey had to have two teeth pulled today. We were hoping it would be a quick, low-key appointment…he had two teeth pulled a few years ago during a routine cleaning, and didn’t even require novocaine. They basically just fell right out with a little help.

I guess things are different when the teeth aren’t already loose, because today’s appointment required novocaine (and lots of it!), and nitrous.


It was…interesting. At one point, Turkey looked at the dental assistant and said, “I feel like I’d normally be scared right now, but for some reason I’m not.” She and I both started laughing…we knew exactly why he was not!

It was a pretty rough appointment, though, because it took so long, and because those teeth really weren’t interested in coming out. Chickadee was very worried about her big brother, which was very sweet. A milkshake on the way home (that Turkey had to eat with a spoon), seemed to help improve things a bit.

Hoping we don’t need a repeat of this procedure any time soon!

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