Play Nintendo Tour

Yesterday, I heard that Chesterfield Mall was going to be hosting the Play Nintendo Tour this weekend. Since I have a house full of Nintendo fans, I thought we’d check it out!


The Tour is divided into six worlds (Zelda, Yoshi, Mario, Pokemon, Kirby, and Donkey Kong), with the Mario Kart tournament area in the middle.

There were plenty of opportunities for picture-taking, especially once Mario, Luigi, and Donkey Kong showed up!

And lots of game-playing:

As you play games, you answer questions to earn stickers.


The stickers went on a “passport,” which, when full, entitles you to turns at the Nintendo claw game.


Each of the older children won three chances at the claw game. Moose decided he didn’t want to play, so Turkey took his turn for him.


And won this Yoshi, which they decided to give to Chickadee!


The highlight of the Tour was the Mario Kart tournament. All four of the older children played. Turkey and Ladybug both made it to the semi-finals, and Turkey made it to the finals, where he placed second! He was very excited!

It certainly was a fun way to spend a morning!


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