The House-iversary


Today marks the eighth anniversary of the day we closed on our house. We’ve lived here long enough that I guess it’s silly that I still celebrate it, but we moved around so much early in our marriage that I’m still extremely grateful (and occasionally still surprised!), that we actually live here!

I was thinking about my earliest memories of living in this house, other than unpacking boxes, and breaking down boxes, and trying to figure out how we were going to dispose of all of the boxes. Three things immediately came to mind.

  • When we moved in, I was in the first trimester of my pregnancy with Ladybug. I remember making dinner one night, and immediately after serving it, going and laying down on the air mattress that was still set up in our den, surrounded by, you guessed it, unpacked boxes. My morning sickness, which for some reason I always got in the evening, was so bad that day that I actually thought I was going to pass out, and had to put my head between my knees for a bit. I laid there for a good long while before I dared get up, staring at the ceiling, listening to the happy voices of my then three very small, very young children talking to each other and Ryan, and thinking about all of the work I had to do.
  • We moved into our house in October 2006, and Cardinals fans know what that means…World Series time. I remember Ryan and a friend working frantically to get the antenna in the attic set up correctly (we didn’t have cable…it wasn’t even an option then because the neighborhood was so new!) so we could watch the final game of the Fall Classic. And I remember celebrating the Cardinals win, and feeling for the first time that we were truly home.
  • Less than a month after we moved in, Moose celebrated his first birthday. This was the first of many celebrations in our home, and it was special baking a cake and opening presents for the very first time in our very own home. I remember giving him a bath right there in our new, shiny kitchen sink after he dove into his cake, and marveling that the faucet could actually pull out and be used as a sprayer.

These were just the first of many memories that we’ve made here over the years. There have been so many birthdays and holidays celebrated here, so many gatherings (of all sizes) hosted, so many guests we’ve enjoyed entertaining, so many triumphs we’ve rejoiced over, and of course, even some tears shed. But those memories made in the first few weeks of our house set the tone for what our beautiful, loving home would become!


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