The Thanksgiving Feast–2014

We had our standard Thanksgiving feast today: turkey and gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries, green beans with almonds, and rolls. I did add brussels sprouts for the first time, since they’ve become the children’s favorite vegetable, but that was the only new addition.


We had a record seven pies for dessert after our annual family viewing of Holiday Inn. Frankly, I can’t believe anybody had room for dessert, but we managed to put a dent in them. There’s still plenty left, though, for more desserts the next few days, and our traditional pie for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving!


I think I’ve gotten pretty good at setting a festive table. I especially love the addition of the Lego turkey…it’s so us, and so fun!

I hope your Thanksgiving was as happy and full of love and laughter as ours was!

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