2014-15 School Year–Week Sixteen

After three weeks of Christmas vacation, we finally got back to work this week. It was a pretty fun week, too!

After reading about the boy Jesus in the temple, we went back to where we left off in our religion lessons before Advent, and learned more about the first kings of Israel. We made it through the anointing of David, as well as his killing Goliath…we’ll learn more about him as king next week.

Turkey and Bunny worked on multiplying and dividing decimals this week, as well as turning fractions into decimals. They also learned how to note a repeating number. Meanwhile, Ladybug has continued to work on memorizing the times tables.

In writing, Turkey and Bunny worked on outlining and writing scientific descriptions. Turkey especially enjoyed writing about volcanoes. Ladybug has been continuing to work on narrations and copywork, and in grammar, she’s added interjections to the parts of speech she knows.

Our history lessons took us to the Far East, where we learned about the Khans, specifically Genghis and Kublai, We also learned about the travels of Marco Polo. For fun, the children made Chinese lanterns…I really like how Bunny’s turned out!


In botany, we turned our attention to trees. Because the tree is currently bare, this actually ended up being the perfect time of year to go out to our yard and take a look at the individual branches, and measure how much the tree has grown in recent years (one branch grew about seven inches last year!). We also made a rough estimate of how tall the tree in our front yard it…we think about 15 feet! It’s amazing how much it’s grown since we planted it.

The only thing we didn’t get back to this week was our poetry and short story study. I decided to wait a week on that so we could do a little extra reading in the Grandma’s Attic series, and make it to the next book. Next week, though, we’ll be reading the Legend of Sleepy Hollow!

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