The Top Five–Things I Like About ME!

Happy birthday to me!

Version 2

Since today is my birthday, I thought I’d try something new…I’m going to make a “Top Five” list about the things I like about myself! I don’t do that too often…actually, I’m more likely to do the opposite, and find things I DON’T like about me, both privately and publicly, but I thought that just this once, because it’s “my day,” I’d focus on the things I actually like:

  • I’m willing to try new things–Whether it’s making a new recipe, finally getting my nose pierced two years ago (after over a decade of wanting to), dyeing my hair pink and purple to ring in the New Year this year, being on TV for the first time last month, or the fact that I’m going to try to learn to play the flute at age 36, I’m always up for trying something new!
  • I love to learn–I read a lot…that’s no surprise. But instead of simply reading for pleasure, a lot of what I read is an attempt to learn something, either because I need to (to teach the children), or because I want to. There are times when I wish I could get an advanced degree in something related to British history, but that’s just not happening. I’m willing to bet that I’ve researched as much, and know as much, as some people who have, though!
  • I’m fashionable–This may sound petty, but fashion is important to me. And I think I’m good at it. I have my own style and look, and I’m good at putting together outfits that are interesting and attractive, and use colors in unexpected ways, from clothing to accessories…or at least so it seems, based on the compliments I receive!
  • I’m unique–There are things about myself that I used to think I should be ashamed of, that I should hide and not admit to. But those are the very things that make me unique, so now I celebrate them. I love Old Time Radio comedies, and because I listen to them so much, my children love them, too! I also like sci-fi, Lego, 40s music, old movies, and vintage-styled clothing (see fashionable, above), and I don’t care who knows it!
  • I’m great at building traditions–Whether it’s things we do every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas (and there are a lot!), lesser-known holidays we celebrate annually (like Burns Night and Pi Day), festivals we attend every year (Art on the Square and the St. Louis Scottish Games are family favorites), or the traditions I’ve created with our family tea parties, I’m great at coming up with ways to make holidays and events both familiar and memorable, and always highly anticipated.

If I tried, I could probably come up with more things I like about me, but this is a start, and I think it’s a good way to celebrate my birthday!

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