Tasty Tuesday–Tim Hortons Comes to St. Louis

The big day is finally here…St. Louis now has a Tim Hortons!

Now, I’ve never been to a Tim Hortons before. I’ve heard a lot about it, and how awesome it is, especially the Timbits, so I was looking forward to finally trying it for myself. I certainly wasn’t disappointed! Although it was extremely busy, the line moved fairly quickly, and we soon had an assortment of donuts and Timbits, plus some Nutella pockets and a coffee for me. It was all amazing! I really liked the way the restaurant was decorated, too, with a little local flair, and the employees were very friendly and helpful.


I’m looking forward to visiting Tim Hortons again…but maybe when it’s slightly less crowded, so we can actually sit down and enjoy our treats in the store!

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