First Day of School 2015

Today was our eighth first day of home school!

Before I let everyone into the school room, I stacked a bunch of our books (and a few special surprises) that we’ll be using on the table. Books that we’ll be using this week, anyway…the rest are in our library. The giant stack in the back is my teacher’s manuals!


My three main students…Chickadee is still just tagging along (and wandering around) at this point:


As I’ve doing for the last few years, the children had schultüte waiting on top of their stack of workbooks for the year:


Everyone loves opening them to see what’s inside!


We also had a new Lego set to build. Since Ladybug’s science curriculum this year focuses on birds, I bought the Lego Ideas Birds set for them. Conveniently, there were exactly three builds, so everyone had their own!


I don’t think I’ve had Ryan take a picture of me with my students since our very first year of homeschooling…I thought it was time to change that!


We did get a little work done, too. We started our religion lessons for the year, including reading from The Christian Year of Grace, as well as the mostly-for-fun Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers. We also dove right into math, which is only slightly terrifying given that Turkey and Bunny are learning pre-alegebra this year. The only other subjects we did today were a bit of Language Arts, and the start of one of our literature studies. We’ll add more subjects as the week goes on…the first day is mostly for getting organized for the year, and having fun!

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