Old and New

I have to admit, I was kind of sad to see these guys leave the house today:


In the nine years we’ve had them, I’ve done countless loads of laundry. Seriously, thousands of loads. I average about 7-10 loads a week, so that really adds up fast! They were the first laundry machines that were really ours, the first time I didn’t have to lug all of our laundry into a basement or to a laundromat, the first time I didn’t need quarters to do the wash. When we first moved into this house nine years ago, they were one of my favorite things about our new abode, and they were my faithful companions through babies’ mountains of laundry, and the towels and sheets that always need to be washed when there’s sickness in the house, and wardrobe changes from season to season.

As sad as I was to see them go, I was also excited to welcome a new pair into our home:


Even though these are one of the most basic washer/dryer pairs available now, compared to the old set, they are fancy! I’m not even sure what all of the settings are for, or if I’ll ever need to figure them all out.

And while the washer sounds much different from our old one, it is much quieter overall, which will be nice during school, as the laundry room is right next to the school room. I’m even hoping we may see a (small) drop in our energy and water usage!

I’m counting on these new appliances to live up to the legacy of the original pair, and be my faithful workhorses for the next decade!

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