Five Straight Years

My blog’s “birthday,” if you will, is coming up exactly one month from today, on January 23rd. It was on that date in 2008 that I published my first post.

Today, however, is a much more significant anniversary for this website. On December 23, 2010, I committed to blogging every day. This was supposed to be an experiment for a little over a year, as I was was gearing up for a post-a-day challenge in 2011. After that first year, however, I realized that I enjoyed looking for something to write about (or photograph), everyday, and I decided to keep going. And keep going I have, for the last five years. I’ve found something to share at least once a day, every single day, without taking a break, for five years.

Some days were easier than others. In 2014, when we decided to track down all 250+ “Cakeway to the West” installations, I had over 250 blog posts planned, without too much thinking (but lots of effort!), on my part. Other days were more difficult, and I struggled to even find a quote to share.

I’ve blogged through it all. Sickness, miscarriage, childbirth, those early sleepless days with a newborn, homeschooling from kindergarten through junior high, a road trip…nothing has stood between me and the “publish” button. I’ve written through good times and bad, laughter and tears, holidays and everydays. I’ve reviewed things, talked theology, shared some of my favorite things, complied curriculum lists, and talked about my family and my community constantly.

This is a significant day for me. I’ve mentioned before that I began blogging because Ryan really enjoyed it and asked me to try it out. I keep blogging, though, because I fell in love with it, and because I can’t imagine not writing, photographing, or sharing something everyday. I can’t promise that I’ll never miss a day in the future, but I am committed to continuing to publish something daily as long as I am able. I may just be talking to myself most of the time, but that’s ok by me, because at heart, I’m a writer, and even though “it has never put a scrap of gold or silver in my pocket,” it’s still a hobby that I love, and I will continue to write for myself, even it not for anyone else!

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