Chaney’s Dairy Barn

When we travel, I like to look for fun experiences we wouldn’t necessarily be able to have back home. One such experience in Bowling Green, KY, was visiting Chaney’s Dairy Barn, which offers family farm tours on Mondays and Fridays during the summer for $8 a person.



It was a hot, sunny day, and we were very grateful that our wagon ride from the ice cream parlor to the farm, even though short, was covered!


We got to see a seven months pregnant cow and two calves, including one that was less than a week old! We just missed out on seeing their new robotic milker, but we did learn a lot about how technology is used on dairy farms!


Ladybug even got to help out with a demonstration…she had her finger hooked up to a milking machine, which she thought felt very weird!


After our visit with the cows, we returned to the ice cream parlor for our free scoop of ice cream (a highlight of the tour!) and a look around the gift shop.I tried the most Kentucky sounding flavor they had…bourbon crunch. It was delicious!



This was a really fun place to visit, and we learned a lot while we were there!

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