Route 66: Main Street Through St. Louis

On Thursday, we all went down to Forest Park to check out the newest exhibit at the Missouri History Museum–“Route 66: Main Street Through St. Louis.” Even from the outside, you know something special is going on:


And you can tell they’re expecting big crowds from the way they have the entrance set up!


There are lots of cool maps and road signs:



The vintage restaurant and hotel signs are amazing! So much neon, including the restored sign from the Chase:


Lots of other vintage items on display, too, including uniforms, a Corvette, motel keys, a motorcycle, a jukebox, a chrome Airstream, and a very cool rotary phone!


There were also some hands-on items, including a very fun “how to fold a map” activity that mystified the children almost as much as the rotary phone did. The narrative placards were also very informative.


There is just so much to see!


We definitely got our kicks!



This exhibit is going to be around for a full year, and I highly recommend visiting it at least once if you have the chance. It’s incredibly well done, to the point where I think it may be even better than the amazing 250 in 250 exhibit was, and most importantly, really makes the history of the era come alive!

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