Hymn of the Day–“As Stone on Living Stone is Set”

This  hymn was written in honor of the 100th anniversary of Hope Lutheran Church in St. Louis, but the words apply to all of Christ’s churches!

As stone on living stone is set
For worship on this ground,
Hold fast onto the Cornerstone,
The one foundation sound.
Held firm through generations
With God’s own power shored.
In ages past, for years to come,
Our hope is in the Lord.

Now we approach this holy place
With confidence secure;
The Lamb of God has cleansed our hearts
And made our spirits pure.
The sacrifice completed,
His holy blood outpoured.
O people, come and marvel here
What love Christ will afford.

When steeples fall and bells are mute
And temple stones thrown down,
We waver not but trust in Him
Who wears th’eternal crown.
The Church awaits with longing
For all to be restored.
Though ruins lie about our feet,
Our King is still adored.

Bear witness to the nations, then.
The Day is drawing near.
In full assurance, spread the Word.
In love, serve without fear.
Though persecution threatens,
The Word of God abhorred,
The faithful One is coming soon
And gives His sure reward.

No church or temple will be seen
When saints and angels meet.
The Church Triumphant will bow down
And worship at Christ’s feet.
Prepare all hearts and voices
To praise in joyful chord:
“In ages past and evermore,
Our hope is in the Lord!”

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